Sex vs. Sleep? 7 Useful Tips to Have it All!

Are you and your partner in a struggle between, “I just want to have sex” and, “I just want to sleep”? Maybe you have small kids, run a household while maintaining a full-time job, have financial obligations that are mounting and are attempting to spend time together as a couple enjoying what you worked so hard … [Read more…]

It’s NOT Erectile Dysfunction!

Is erectile dysfunction getting you down? It doesn’t have to! I want to debunk another myth that our culture likes to throw around.  The myth that men must be rock hard and stay that way whenever they get aroused.  I find that this myth has done a lot of damage to male sexuality and has … [Read more…]

Creating a Nest

Create a Nest. This is a space outside the bedroom that you set up that is just for your erotic practice. This space should be co-created. You can choose items that feel sensual like: satin sheets furry blankets sensual toys like feathers and ticklers you can set this up on a futon or on the … [Read more…]

Meeting of 2

  Take Turns reading the Couple’s Safety Guidelines   “We have found that: It is OK to feel. It is OK to make mistakes. It is OK to have respectful conflict. It is OK to have needs and ask for them to be met. It is important to respect one another. It is important to … [Read more…]

Organic vs. Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

These are the common descriptions of ED and if you want another way to think about ED please see my blog post: It’s NOT Erectile Dysfunction. It is important to note that psychogenic erectile dysfunction should be ruled out first before adopting a “label” of erectile dysfunction. Organic Erectile Dysfunction, also known as Organic Impotence, refers … [Read more…]

Custom Sexy Couple’s Kit!

practical application of consent

Who isn’t stressed in this modern world? We all take on a lot of responsibilities and it’s no wonder sometimes our sex lives take a back burner when the mounting world of “adulting” comes first! With so many people to care for and so many ways in which we put work and home life first … [Read more…]

The History of Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy has a rich history with it’s roots in ancient societies and cultures.  While not known as “therapy” in those times, the idea that people and couples needed some kind of assistance with sexual issues including sex positions, sex education, help with having pleasure, intimacy and fulfillment in their relationships was alive in human … [Read more…]