Sex Education

Low Libido Getting you Down?

I have learned from working with hundreds of people that low libido is the bodies natural response to stressors that are going on with the individual or in the relationship. We don’t want to do something that causes pain, displeasure, can be boring, feels unsafe, causes frustration, is mechanical or Read more…

practical application of consent
Sex Education

Custom Sexy Couple’s Kit!

Who isn’t stressed in this modern world? We all take on a lot of responsibilities and it’s no wonder sometimes our sex lives take a back burner when the mounting world of “adulting” comes first! With so many people to care for and so many ways in which we put Read more…

Sex Education

The History of Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy has a rich history with it’s roots in ancient societies and cultures.  While not known as “therapy” in those times, the idea that people and couples needed some kind of assistance with sexual issues including sex positions, sex education, help with having pleasure, intimacy and fulfillment in their Read more…