Sexuality consulting, education & coaching


Sexuality Consulting, Education & Coaching


Often, we are not taught how to set boundaries, ask for what we want, feel entitled to healthy pleasure, understand our own anatomy and engage in healthy communication. We may not have learned that we can and should have orgasms and fulfillment in our lives and relationships. Body image issues, potential past traumas or negative experiences and low self-esteem can all stand in the way of feeling sexy and initiating what we want in relationships.


“Anya is a healer. Through counseling and education Anya helped me find my libido. I was experiencing some suffering due to the ending of a relationship. Anya was able to create a loving container that helped me feel safe and supported as we explored what was at the root of my lack of sex drive. She taught me practical ways to create safety for myself when in sexual situations with my partners. She also helped me to become more embodied which has led to more joy in my romantic life. Anya is a knowledgeable counselor with a tremendous amount of wisdom to bestow. I recommend her highly!” ~ Makana

Transgender & Gender-Fluid

I work with individuals and couples along the gender spectrum including gender non-conforming and transgender people. By co-creating a safe space to talk about issues related to sexuality in a non-binary body, a body and identity in transition or post-transition and/or other forms of identity and sexuality related issues, you will find that you can relax and let go.


Have the flames died down in your relationship? Are you having trouble communicating your Desires? Does one of you desire sex more than the other? We all go through ups and downs in our intimate relationships and sometimes it feels like there is no end in sight when conflicts or frustrations arise. The good news is that as soon as you commit to working on your relationship and reach out for help the transformation starts to happen.

Couples Private Sensual Massage Training

“After spending hundreds of dollars on different sex toys to help us, none of them worked to cause the squirt orgasm. We booked our trip to fly to San Francisco and met with Anya and were excited for our next step. Our goal in setting up a private session with Anya was to have the one on one walk through and help us see what we were doing wrong or right. She meet us privately and gave us the intimate and knowledgeable information that we needed. Within a week after we left San Francisco, I was able to achieve our goal”. Anonymous From Texas

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Fall Semester is under way! 4 New Classes 3rd Saturdays 3-5:30 Oct, Nov, Dec at Center for Sex & Culture, SF SquirtGasms!, Bondassage & The Art of Orgasm Thursday Oct 20 at Pure Pleasures, Santa Cruz The Fem Dom Universe all tickets range between $30-70

What would your world be like if you were comfortable with your sexuality? How would your intimate relationship be enriched if you were truly connected and satisfied?

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If you are anything like me you want to work with someone who is really good at what they do. Please take a minute to read the reviews and testimonials of past clients and students to see if this work would be good for you!

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You are not alone. I work with individuals, couples and groups who are seeking answers to their questions and desiring to be whole, healthy and free.


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