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I am a Clinical Sexologist & Sexuality Educator working with individuals & couples in the San Francisco Bay Area. With 20 years experience in the sexuality professions including a Doctor of Human Sexuality degree (DHS) I bring a wealth of information, compassion, empathy and wisdom to each session with my clients. I believe that we all deserve to be healthy, whole and free and that liberating our sexualities is one of the most healing and important things we can do! If you are struggling or just want to learn how to have more fun I am here to help. With offices in the San Francisco Bay Area or over Skype.

Are you struggling with issues related to your sexuality and intimacy? What society tells us is normal sex and what is really going on are two different things. Many people experience tremendous shame because they believe something is "wrong" with them. Often it takes debunking myths, learning new skills, having a safe space to talk about sexuality and getting coaching to experience amazing transformation in one's sex life.

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If you are anything like me you want to work with someone who is really good at what they do. Please take a minute to read the reviews and testimonials of past clients and students to see if this work would be good for you!

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I work with people with a variety of sexual concerns: ED & EE, Pelvic pain during intercourse, low desire and/or arousal, lack of orgasm or minimal orgasmic response, couples sexuality, alternative love/lifestyles, Kink & open relationships, LGBTQI, asexuality, older virgins and much more. In a nonjudgemental, shame free space you are welcome to talk about your sexual concerns and together we will discuss creative solutions along with custom-crafted HomePlay exercises to begin the process of transforming struggle into success.

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