Welcome to TeachMeAboutSex, a safe space for Individual, Couple and Group Sex Education and Counseling. I am a Sex Educator & Clinical Sexologist with a holistic, comprehensive and non-judgemental approach that guides people towards a healthy lifestyle. I specialize in individual and couple sexuality counseling for those who are seeking education, guidance, and compassion on their journey. I teach Adult Sex Ed classes and lead presentations and workshops at Universities and Colleges. I have a Doctor of Human Sexuality (DHS) degree from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and bring to my work a broad range of methods that support individuals, couples and groups in their particular needs and desires for growth. I believe that sex is an area we often turn away from and, therefore, may find the most challenging to navigate. Traditional therapy can help to shine the light on sexuality issues, however, it takes working with someone who specializes in this topic to really begin to unravel deeper issues around sex. I specialize in sexuality, intimacy and relationship issues because I believe these are areas of our lives that are often left untreated in both therapeutic and medical environments and that there is a need for services that are non-judgmental, informed and safe for people to work on their sexuality concerns. Many of my clients find that my style is warm, nurturing and supportive and have experienced transformation in their lives in a short amount of time

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