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Welcome, Now is the time to Liberate Your Sexuality!anya de montigny, dhs

I work with individuals and couples who are seeking compassion on their journey towards a fully-expressed sex life. Many of my clients find that my style is warm, nurturing and supportive and have reported positive transformation in their lives and relationships. If you are struggling with aspects of your sexuality or sexual health you have come to the right place.

Sex is an area we often turn away from but may find the most challenging. Traditional therapy can help to shine the light on sexuality issues, however, it takes working with a sexuality specialist to shift deeply held patterns around sex.  I specialize in sexuality issues because they are often left behind!

My Approach

My approach combines sex education, coaching and somatic practices. I custom craft each client’s curriculum and HomePlay exercises based on the particular concerns they bring to our sessions.

I believe that it’s necessary to have a safe space to talk about issues that are coming up around sexuality including individual and couple identities and how they inform one’s sexual experience.  And, I believe that true change happens on a physical level when somatic practices are used to increase one’s awareness of their body.  

Who is this work good for?

Individuals who are single or in a relationship and want to have focused attention on their own sexual issues.  Couples who may have already done some therapy but have never addressed their sexual issues or couples who have a solid foundation of trust and communication in their relationship but need some skill building techniques.  Because I work within a framework of nonjudgemental, shame-free and trauma informed sex education this work is great for anyone who needs help along their journey of self-discovery and healing.

I work with individuals and couples along the sex and gender spectrums including LGBTQI.


I have offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and am taking new clients at my Berkeley and Oakland offices.  For those who are not able to come to my office due to health issues or disabilities or parents with small children who can not get time away from home, I offer Home Visits.  I also am available to people outside the Bay Area via Zoom or Skype.

Ready to get started? Have more questions?

I offer free initial phone consultations and then an initial “get to know each other” visit before asking you to commit to sexuality counseling.  The process requires that we are a good fit for working together and that you feel safe and seen in my company.

Schedule your phone consultation today and I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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UC Berkeley, CA

Berkeley High School, CA

Hult Business School, CA

California College of the Arts, CA

Mills College, Oakland, CA

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, London, England

SF Armory/Kink.com, San Francisco, CA

The Pleasure Chest, Los Angeles, CA

Pure Pleasures, Santa Cruz, CA

Stockroom, Los Angeles, CA

Good Vibrations, San Francisco, CA

The Sunrise Center, Corte Madera, CA

Essence, San Francisco, CA

Vagina Monologues & Workshops, Los Angeles, CA

FEM Talks, Oakland, CA

Feelmore510, Oakland, CA

Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco, CA

The Looking Glass, Oakland, CA

Black Thorn, Oakland, CA

Private Workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York & London

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