Sex Education & Counseling for Women and Couples


Counseling for: Body Image. Healthy Libido. Expanding Sexual Repertoire. Alternative Love/Life-Styles. How to Attract Your Soul Mate. Communicating Desires. Setting Healthy Boundaries. Learning about Female Sexual Anatomy & Female Sexual Response Cycle. Somatic Sex Education HomePlay Exercises May Include: Masturbation Meditations. Expanded Orgasm Practices. Using Toys to enhance Pleasure. Communication Exercises. Sensual Research with your Partner/Lover.


Counseling can include: Healthy and conscious communication. How to have what you want and please your partner too. Sexual anatomy and sexual response systems. Somatic Awareness techniques to increase intimacy and sensation. De-bunking myths of what’s “normal”. Exploring Fantasies, Kink, and Role-Play for enhanced pleasure. Renewing or defining Agreements. Sex Toys and Tips. Alternative Life/Love-Styles. LGBTQ specific issues/concerns.

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Anya de Montigny

Clinical Sexologist

Anya de Montigny is a Sexuality Expert with over 18 years experience working with individuals, couples & groups. She teaches adult sexuality education classes, workshops and retreats in the Bay Area and beyond and has a Sexuality Counseling practice in Oakland, CA specializing in women and couple’s sexual heath and wellness. Anya is a certified Sex Educator, Clinical Sexologist, Somatic Sex Educator and Holistic Health Counselor and is trained in the Gottman Method Couple’s Therapy and Restorative Practices/Restorative Justice. At the college level Anya teaches Affirmative Consent, Boundaries and Personal Safety workshops for students. Anya sees individuals and couples along the gender and sexuality spectrum and invites straight and LGBTQI and into her practice.

Sex Education Co-Facilitators

College and University Sex Education Classes
Lea Robinson
Diversity, Sex & Gender Education
Lea Robinson is the Chief Diversity Educator and Leadership Development Specialist at BeDiversity. Some of Robinson’s specialties include increasing awareness around social identity membership including LGBTQ identities, Race & Ethnicity, Intersectionality, Restorative Justice and Bystander Intervention.
Christine Schoefer
Women’s Self-Defense Instruction
Christine Schoefer, PhD is a Nationally Certified (NWMAF) Self Defense Instructor who started teaching self-defense in the Bay Area and in Germany in 2002. After receiving her black belt in the martial arts of Kajukenbo, Christine became the Co-Director of the Self Defense Program at Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center, the oldest female-led martial arts school in the Bay Area. In addition to leading workshops in businesses, schools and community organizations since 2002, Christine has been teaching the semester-long Personal Defense course at Mills College in Oakland since 2008.



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