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Sex Education, Coaching and Touch Therapy

I specialize in women's sexuality and work with women and couples who are seeking support and guidance on their journey towards sexual freedom and satisfaction. The road to achieving your goals in these areas can come in various ways: Sex Education - How do our different sexual response systems work? What is myth, what is normal, what is dysfunction? Sex Coaching - Tips, techniques and proven methods for sexual satisfaction through HomePlay. Sexual Counseling - Sometimes all we need is a safe space to talk. As there are very little spaces to talk about sexuality being able to communicate and be received in a non-judgmental space can be hugely beneficial. Touch therapy for Women - Women often report having a difficult time asking for what they want and/or setting boundaries. Through therapeutic non-sexual bodywork women can get in touch with their body in a safe space and practice communicating. Touch therapy education for couples - Somatic Sex Education for couples through guided instruction and coaching. Each individual and couple has their own growth cycle and responds well to various modalities of healing. During our intake sessions we will craft the right curriculum just for you. I work with straight, heterosexual and LGBTQ individuals and couples

What is Your Authentic Sexuality?

Anya is simply fantastic and has helped us tremendously. She helped us with an issue that we couldn’t seem to fix in our relationship. We went to her for about 3 or 4 months until the problem was solved. If you are even contemplating about going that probably means you should talk to your partner and give her a call. Anya is really nice and knows the ins and outs of relationships and how to improve on it to enjoy a healthier and better sex life. I would highly recommend her and would work with her again in an instant.
I had the absolutely wonderful experience of attending Anya’s workshop with my wife. I was nervous ahead of time, not sure what to expect, but Anya is so incredibly warm, experienced, gentle and kind that within a very short time, I felt completely calm and comfortable. I appreciated that Anya was so attuned to each person in the workshop, creating a safe, open, beautiful space for us. I left the workshop feeling more comfortable in my body and excited about the possibility of new doors opening inside myself. I often think back on the workshop and will always remember it as a very special time. Thank you, Anya, for an amazing workshop!

Are you suffering with issues related to your sexuality? Have you tried various approaches but found that nothing is working? You are not alone. Many people report that through sex education, counseling and coaching sexual frustrations can turn into sexual freedom. With gentle instruction and guidance suffering can be a thing of the past.



Along with a Doctor of Human Sexuality (DHS) degree from San Francisco's Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, I have 22 years experience in the sexuality professions with credentials, certifications and trainings from a variety of esteemed organizations in sexuality, coaching, education and counseling.

World Association of Sex Coaches

Sex Coach
Certification standards and requirements are rigorous and comprehensive. Advisory board includes many of the leading lights in sexology, ensuring that the bar is held high.

San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI)

Sex Educator
Sex, gender, and orientation, sexual anatomy & physiology, sexual function & dysfunction, pregnancy/birth control/fertility, STI symptoms, treatments, and prevention, harm reduction, safer sex masturbation and fantasy, BDSM & fetishes, relationships, oral, anal, and vaginal sex.

Gottman Method

Gottman Method Level 1
The Friendship System – intimacy, passion, and good sex, The Conflict System – identify and address solvable problems, The Shared Meaning System – discover shared purpose for building a life together

Circle-Up Education

Restorative Justice Practitioner
Restorative philosophy, principles, practices, and approaches that people, groups, schools and workplaces can use to create a thriving community culture.


Couples - Women - Men - People of All Genders

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