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dr anya somatic sex therapyAs a sexologist and women’s sexual empowerment coach I work with women and couples who desire more pleasure, happiness, fun and excitement in their sex lives.

My work is trauma-informed and I believe that going slow, building confidence, learning new skills and “taking all the time you need” works best when it comes to sexual health and empowerment.  We do not need to rush to the finish line or have a cathartic experience to get the maximum benefit out of working together.



Are you struggling with body image, discomfort during sex and/or an inability to let go and find pleasure in your body? Do you wish you could experience a full body orgasm? Or, is sex fun and exciting already and you are ready to take it to the next level?




Have the flames died down in your relationship? Are you struggling to connect, communicate and find intimacy again? Does one of you desire sexual activities more than the other?




Would you like to attend a class or, would you like to host a class?  I often have 2-3 classes booked per month that are open to the public.  Please see the Upcoming Events calendar.  Do you want to host a private class? Please send a request through my contact form.





“Anya is a healer. Through counseling and education Anya helped me find my libido. I was experiencing some suffering do to the ending of a relationship. Anya was able to create a loving container that helped me feel safe and supported as we explored what was at the root of my lack of sex drive. She taught me practical ways to create safety for myself when in sexual situations with my partners. She also helped me to become more embodied which has led to more joy in my romantic life. Anya is a knowledgeable counselor with a tremendous amount of wisdom to bestow. I recommend her highly”! – Makana


“Anya is simply fantastic and has helped us tremendously.  She helped us with an issue that we couldn’t seem to fix in our relationship.  We went to her for about 3 or 4 months until the problem was solved.  If you are even contemplating about going that probably means you should talk to your partner and give her a call.  Anya is really nice and knows the ins and outs of relationships and how to improve on it to enjoy a healthier and better sex life.  I would highly recommend her and would work with her again in an instant.” – Travis & Maricela


“Working with Anya was an amazing experience. My husband and I both felt that our sessions with Anya brought us much closer and helped us in moving past old energetic blocks between us. To this day, a year later, we enjoy a far greater intimacy and trust, and a much better sex life. Anya was gentle and encouraging while firmly helping us see the ways that we could let go of old baggage and move into the present. As a result, we are ever grateful to her”. – Emma & Mark


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clinical Sexology?

A clinical sexologist is a sexologist who offers sex counseling, coaching, and education to assist people towards understanding and accepting themselves as sexual beings and to encourage them towards their sexual goals.

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What is Adult Sex Education?

For many years, I have taught adult sexuality education classes and workshops.  I have also given lectures, presentations, and workshops for college level students. What I see time and again is that people have grown up without basic knowledge of human sexuality.

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What is your approach to sexuality counseling? 

My work as a Sex Educator & Clinical Sexologist is a specialty practice that deals with issues specifically around sexuality from a sex-positive, non-judgmental and shame-free paradigm of healing.

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do you take insurance?Can I do individual work if I am in a relationship? 

Yes, I often see individuals who are in a relationship and who choose to first work on their own issues related to sexuality and intimacy before doing couples work.




is this hands on or just talk therapy?Is this hands-on therapy or just talk therapy? 

I offer bodywork for women that is not sexual in nature but that provides healing and coaching around communication, setting boundaries and asking for needs. I do not offer hands-on work for men or couples. Most of the work we do together involves talking, setting goals and suggestions of HomePlay activities.



do you take insurance?Do you take insurance?

I do not accept insurance at this time.  As a sexuality specialist, my work is outside the scope of insurance carriers.  Hopefully, one day this will change.




i am ready how do i get started?I am ready for sexuality counseling.  How do I get started? 

I’m glad you asked! I accept new clients who are ready and willing to do the work and who are a good match for working with me and my approach to sexual healing and empowerment.  Please fill out my contact form where we can spend some time focusing on the issues that you would like to address and where you can ask me any questions about my practice.  After an initial phone consultation and if we are a match for working together we will meet in person for a minimum of 4 sessions


free resourcesI am not ready for sexuality counseling right now.  Do you have any free resources?

Yes! I highly recommend the San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) hotline for accurate, shame-free and confidential answers to your questions around sexuality.

415-989-SFSI (7374)

Our hours are (US/Pacific time)
Monday 6-9
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We are not open holidays or holiday weekends.