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I think she has an amazing ability to pick up on what I need and tailors her activities to best highlight and explore sensitive and important areas. And throughout this all, she is gentle and nonjudgmental in how she engages, which in it of itself is a rare and beautiful thing. Her presence and wonderful approach has made me feel open and safe with her”. Mike C. Yelp Review

Are you struggling with challenges related to sexual health?

I believe that male sexual health challenges are a mind/body syndrome which means the brain/body has gotten stuck in a loop which feeds on anxiety and fear. The good news is that this loop can be interrupted, reversed and sexual health can be achieved. Through neuroplasticity and mind/body work to retrain the brain and body you will go from struggling to thriving in a matter of weeks.

Please schedule a consultation call to discuss coaching/consulting around these issues. All sessions done via Zoom in my virtual office. 

I work with men who are struggling with issues related to:

  • Erectile Dysfunction/Erectile Variations 
  • Eager/Early Ejaculation 
  • Delayed Ejaculation
  • Porn Use or Over-Use
  • Sexual dependency
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Kink Awareness
  • Intimacy Avoidance
  • Dating challenges

You can choose to do individual coaching as a stand-alone process or in addition to my couple’s coaching program. Some men who are in a relationship choose to do an individual package first and then move to the couple’s program.

Please note: All inquiries must be related to clinical sexology and *not* massage or other hands-on services.  I do not respond to those inquiries.


Dr. Anya

Dr. Anya’s guidance for men navigating the obstacle of early ejaculation and performance anxiety was very helpful. She truly knows how to reframe your philosophy around sex that so many people are miseducated on by society, pornography, ect. With Dr. Anya’s nonjudgmental environment I found the conversations becoming seamless. She provided me with insightful feedback that I would explore outside of class and then report back to her with my experiences and we’d build from there each week. Jason – email testimonial for website

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