men“Anya is a healer. Through counseling and education Anya helped me find my libido. I was experiencing some suffering due to the ending of a relationship. Anya was able to create a loving container that helped me feel safe and supported as we explored what was at the root of my lack of sex drive. She taught me practical ways to create safety for myself when in sexual situations with my partners. She also helped me to become more embodied which has led to more joy in my romantic life. Anya is a knowledgeable counselor with a tremendous amount of wisdom to bestow. I recommend her highly!” ~┬áMakana

I work with all men including straight, gay and transgender men around sexuality issues including:

  • Body Image
  • Male Sexual Anatomy Education
  • Healthy Libido
  • Early Ejaculation Concerns
  • Erectile “dysfunction” (differently functioning) Concerns
  • Older Virgins
  • Sexual Anxiety
  • Communication Techniques
  • Sexual Empowerment
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Self-Pleasuring
  • Orgasm and Multi-Orgasm techniques
  • Kink & Alternative Life/Love-Styles
  • Porn use and/or overuse concerns
  • Massage Parlour use and/or overuse concerns
  • Dating & Online Dating
  • Consent and Boundaries

Somatic Sex Education HomePlay Exercises may include:

  • Masturbation Meditations
  • Communicating your Desires
  • Sensory Awareness Exercises
  • Boundary Setting
  • Relaxing and letting go
  • How to Please your Partner
  • Healing Sexual Trauma

For an initial phone consultation: 415-570-1302 or

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