Are you struggling to integrate your fetish or kinks into your long-term relationship? Have you thought of going outside your relationship to get your needs met?

Do you feel guilty for having these desires but don’t know who to talk to?

I specialize in working with men who have a desire to weave their fetish or kink into their long term relationship and who struggle with “vanilla” sex.  By creating a safe space to be heard and offering simple yet effective suggestions for bridging the gap between you and your partner you will see an improvement in your sex life.

Individual Coaching:

“I have been struggling with my fetish for many, many years and always felt it was never a good time to bring it up to my wife.  I have gone to professionals to “scratch the itch” but it was never fully satisfying because, frankly, I want to be experiencing this in my relationship not with a stranger.  I finally decided to seek help and reached out to Dr. Anya.  Today, I feel a lot more secure with myself and my wife and I have started to slowly explore my fetish.  What a relief! I highly recommend breaking the silence and talking to Dr. Anya”. Howard K., Oakland 

Individual Coaching Package:

5 video conferencing sessions, 2 books, 3 instructional videos & HomePlay exercises.

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