As a Sexuality Specialist with 23 years experience in the sexuality professions, I bring a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and empathy to my practice.

My lifelong desire to understand how the human body works and how we work together to sustain health and happiness brought me to the world of sexuality education.

I grew up in a Hindu-based Meditation Ashram meditating, chanting and living communally with people from all over the world. While it was a beautiful upbringing in many ways, what was missing from my spiritual education were teachings of sexuality and how sex can be sacred and pleasurable. As a teen growing up with dozens of teens in a spiritual community we were often confused about the strict policies in the Ashram around sexuality (gender segregation, no sex education, and no mention of the "lower chakras"). By traveling the world at a young age, living in India, the States and Canada, I learned that many cultures, religions, and societies omit basic sex education and leave people confused about their own bodies and how they work. Because my mother was a physician, my early education about the body came from a very non-judgmental yet scientific viewpoint, and with the lack of permission to discuss sexuality in the Ashram, I decided to go off on my own and explore this fascinating topic.

My desire to learn everything there is to know about human sexuality led me to some of the world's best sexuality schools  including One Taste, Welcomed Consensus, Sex Coach U, San Francisco Sex Information and The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

I continue to study and research Human Sexuality by working with clients and students and gathering information about their own lived experience.  My passion and desire in life are to disseminate non-judgmental, accurate, and sex-positive information about human sexuality and help create a culture of pleasure, happiness, and acceptance in our world.

Because my background is so diverse I love working with people from all over the world with lots of unique and interesting stories.  Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions about my life so that you feel comfortable and safe discussing yours.

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