“We couldn’t be more grateful that we found Dr. Anya. She has been one of the best investments my husband and I have made in our relationship in over 15 years of marriage”. Annie D. Yelp Review

dr anya sex coaching

Coaching Program for Couples 

Designed for busy, working professionals challenged with juggling the demands of a full life with the desire for mutually satisfying intimacy.

Common concerns include:

  • Desire discrepancy/mis-matched libidos.
  • Communication challenges.
  • Initiation challenges.
  • Lack of emotional intimacy.
  • Desire for a more varied sex life.
  • Time challenges due to parenting or busy work schedules.
  • Kink/vanilla desire discrepancies.
  • Religious or strict cultural upbringing.
  • Lack of sex education.
  • Arranged/love marriages.
  • Consent and boundaries around opening up your relationship.
  • And more.

Client results have included:

  • On the brink of breaking up to getting engaged and married.
  • Finding passion again after decades of marriage.
  • Erectile dysfunction to successful erections every time without medication.
  • Crippling performance anxiety to feeling confident and successful.
  • Struggling with desire discrepancy to both partners needs being met.
  • Bridging kink/vanilla desires and creating a healthy balance.
  • Little to no understanding of sexual function to becoming a mini sexologist in just a few sessions!
  • Low libido to high attraction.
  • And so much more!

Program Includes:

Intimate conversations. 

dr anya sex coaching

Learn how to talk about sex, ask each other what your needs are, have a dialogue in a safe space and dissolve walls and barriers that have gotten in the way of intimacy. 

Discussion of:

  • Brakes and accelerators 
  • Sexual needs and desires
  • Touch 
  • Initiation
  • Healthy communication 
  • Conflict resolution skills if needed
  • Any topics that you bring to the table to discuss that are impacting your intimate relationship.

These conversations are held loosely, meaning we go at your pace, and include prompts for discussion as well as supported worksheets and HomePlay. 

Erotic Fundamentals.

dr anya sex coaching

Erotic fundamentals are great for couples who:

  • Are disconnected from their bodies.
  • Are just “going through the motions”.
  • Have not been intimate for some time. 
  • Come from religious or cultural backgrounds where sexuality is not discussed or taught.

Erotic fundamentals includes touch-based activities that teach you how to go from therapeutic touch, to sensual touch, to erotic touch to sexual touch in a progressive ramp over several sessions. 

With G-rated exercises to do in session and HomePlay exercises to do at home you will begin to see big improvements in your intimacy.

All lessons are trauma informed and go at your own pace. 

Erotic Renaissance.

dr anya sex coaching

Once the fundamentals are down couples may want to learn techniques to spice things up.

This is the area that some couples may start at so everyone is unique in building their tool kit.

Education and conversations about:

  •  Kink/Fetishes
  • Bondassage for Lovers
  • Tantra
  • Energy O-gasms
  • And more.. 

Please schedule an initial consultation where you can explain your specific challenges and ask questions about the program.

I look forward to speaking to you soon!

Dr. Anya

“Dr. Anya quite literally saved our relationship….We came to Dr. Anya in a make-or-break situation, and I am so grateful to share that Dr. Anya brought us back over the line to hope, repair, partnership, and teamwork”. Jenn M. Yelp Review

dr anya sex coaching