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I would highly recommend Dr Anya, she was very valuable in changing our attitudes about sex and putting things in perspective. I really struggled with performance anxiety and had a really hard time keeping an errection, and even if I could, I wouldn’t be able to last. Dr Anya helped by showing how common this issue is which helped me and my partner overcome our fears around it. All in all, it was at the very least helpful to bring in a 3rd party to talk about this instead of having a feud between me and my girlfriend.

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Catherine and Steven

We are a couple who have been together for six years and have been having intimacy issues. We sought out Dr. Anya to help guide us through this rough patch. Anya's warmth and openness made the experience all the more easy. My wife is a little uncomfortable discussing some of these issues, just like many people but in Anya, she found someone in whom she could confide. We had all of our meetings through online video chat, which I was at first skeptical of, but our living situation did not allow for us to meet in person. In the end I found the video chat to be as effective if not more so than meeting in person. We highly recommend Dr. Anya to anybody who is seeking to improve their all around relationship with their partner.

Sean and Jenn

Sean and Jenn

Dr. Anya is full of love, acceptance and wisdom for her clients. She helped my husband and I think about our sexual relationship differently which opened new doors for us to explore. She has simple tools that make sexuality easy, fun and free. After 12 years together, Dr. Anya helped us reinvigorate and reprioritize sensual connection in our marriage. I would recommend Dr. Anya to anyone who seeks a safe, loving place to explore sexuality in a new way.


There is a lot of information to sort through on the internet about sex & intimacy! Here are some of my thoughts.
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