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Are You Struggling with Sex and Relationships?

Have you have tried therapy and medicine but failed to get the results you desire?   

Using a combination of somatic methods, sex coaching & The Gottman Method for Couples you will see changes in your life and enjoy more pleasure, intimacy and fulfillment!

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Coaching vs Therapy

Coaching vs Therapy

Is there a difference? What is best for you?

Short-term, Results Oriented Sex & Intimacy Coaching. Proven Results.

What folks are saying

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Kassiah Robles


Dr. Anya is full of love, acceptance and wisdom for her clients. She helped my husband and I think about our sexual relationship differently which opened new doors for us to explore. She has simple tools that make sexuality easy, fun and free. After 12 years together, Dr. Anya helped us reinvigorate and reprioritize sensual connection in our marriage. I would recommend Dr. Anya to anyone who seeks a safe, loving place to explore sexuality in a new way.

Clark and Callie

Clark and Callie


My fiancé and I were having sex issues. We have a phenomenal relationship all around, except for some serious tension and arguments that we’ve had regarding sex. Seeing Dr. Anya has helped us communicate better both in and out of her office and to understand each others’ perspectives. She was a delight and had insightful, interesting and even fun homework assignments for us. Before meeting with Dr. Anya our non-monogamous activities were put on hold. After a couple of months of seeing her we were able to discuss our needs, formulate boundaries and feel more comfortable with our kinky endeavors. We may very well end up seeing Dr. Anya again for a tune-up here and there, but we were extremely satisfied with the results from our meetings.

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Catherine and Steven


Anya is a miracle worker! My husband and I have been together 14 years, work full time, and have two kids under the age of 2. Needless to say, our intimate relationship has taken a backseat to more pressing responsibilities. Well, we finally got tired of being just partners and co-parents for the past few years and decided we wanted to be a couple again, in every sense of the word. We tried, but couldn't do it alone so we reached out to Anya. 3 sessions in and our love life has done a complete 180. Anya really changed the way we perceived and approached intimacy. It's as if we're college students again. We both have HUGE crushes on each other and I don't see us running out of steam anytime soon. Anya's wisdom is pure gold and seeking her counsel was one of the best things we've ever done for our relationship. Thanks, Anya! If we could, we'd give you more stars!




I couldn't have been more pleased with my experience with Anya. To start she is respectful, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and encouraging! I came to her hoping to make progress towards experiencing an orgasm. She gave me specific home exercises to do that, when practiced, produced real, measurable results. I successfully achieved my goal within about 4/5 sessions and now get to set new and exciting goals for myself! I absolutely could not recommend her more. She is worth every penny and minute spent and has a genuine interest in helping to accomplish goals and tools to make that happen! Thank you, Anya, you have truly changed my life!




Anya is a healer. Through counseling and education, Anya helped me find my libido. I was experiencing some suffering due to the ending of a relationship. Anya was able to create a loving container that helped me feel safe and supported as we explored what was at the root of my lack of sex drive. She taught me practical ways to create safety for myself when in sexual situations with my partners. She also helped me to become more embodied which has led to more joy in my romantic life. Anya is a knowledgeable counselor with a tremendous amount of wisdom to bestow. I recommend her highly!

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Travis and Maricela


Anya is simply fantastic and has helped us tremendously.  She helped us with an issue that we couldn’t seem to fix in our relationship.  We went to her for about 3 or 4 months until the problem was solved.  If you are contemplating about going that probably means you should talk to your partner and give her a call. Anya is really nice and knows the ins and outs of relationships and how to improve on it to enjoy a healthier and better sex life.  I would highly recommend her and would work with her again in an instant.

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Emma and Mark


Working with Anya was an amazing experience. My husband and I both felt that our sessions with Anya brought us much closer and helped us in moving past old energetic blocks between us. To this day, a year later, we enjoy a far greater intimacy and trust, and a much better sex life. Anya was gentle and encouraging while firmly helping us see the ways that we could let go of old baggage and move into the present. As a result, we are ever grateful to her




I feel very privileged to be able to work with Anya de Montigny. Coming out of an abusive marriage, there were many areas of my sexuality that I felt were damaged and needed care and healing. Though our work focuses on sexuality, she is able to hold ALL of my psychological parts and has helped me understand how my life experiences influence my sexuality and my sexual response. She is a great listener as well as a great communicator and knows when to hold space for me and when to bring in her wisdom. The work we do together involves only talking, but she also gives me tons of practical advice and hands-on exercises customized to my needs which have helped open things up for me in a big way. Can't recommend Anya highly enough. She truly loves her work and is on a mission to help. She's awesome.


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