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Rohan and Rashi

Rohan and Rashi

Expecting a baby in November, 2021!

"My husband and I have been together for 12 years and married for 4. When we reached out to Anya, we knew that we were not in a great place sexually and that we thought it was the only thing we had to address. In the process, we discovered a lot of hidden issues, some of which we saw coming, and others not so much. Anya created a safe space for us, helped us bring our complete selves to the sessions without fear of being judged. She offered a wide range of tools & techniques to help improve communication, enable quicker conflict resolution and the best part is that she doesn't force you into doing anything - she is extremely flexible and adaptive in her approach and she tailors the sessions based on your comfort level on that day (even when you and your partner are on two different planes!). We both highly recommend Anya to any couple that is looking to not just resolve intimacy issues, but improve the quality of your relationship by learning to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts quickly and working together as a team as you go through life! As simple as all that sounds, lack of intimacy, as we found out, was just a symptom and these fundamentals were the root cause.

For me personally, as a woman coming from a rather conservative culture, I had a lot of preconceived notions, guilt and shame about my sexuality/feelings. Through these sessions, I got the opportunity to discover myself as a woman! I've felt release, love, trust, connection and so many wonderful emotions in this process - and I want to thank Anya from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING. I view myself with a lot more compassion, I respect my body and its needs, I am more aware of my sexuality, and these are things that I learnt at 30 years of age!"

Curt & Samatha

Curt & Samatha


Hello Dr. Anya, the last sessions we spent with you have worked wonders. In fact, it worked too well, we are expecting our 3rd child. We have a baby girl on the way. Our sex life is much better than where it was before we met you, and we have you to thank for that. We won't be needing any sessions anytime soon because your sessions already got us in trouble, hahaha. Just kidding! But thank you for everything! We hope your are doing well and stay safe.

Curt & Samantha

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Julie M.

There's something about Anya's energy that puts me immediately at ease. This is important when working around issues of sexuality. I've worked with her several times and feel that she's able to create a safe space that really allows me to open up and go deep. She has a great approach that combines talking, somatic techniques and gentle instruction that has really helped me gain more insights around my sexuality as well as gain comfort with my body. This work has been transformative and healing and I highly recommend any woman who is thinking of doing more work around their sexuality to go to Anya.

Julia R.

Julia R.

My partner and I were having intimacy issues after 6 years of being together. Anya was very helpful in helping us work through some of what turned out to be our deep seeded core issues affecting our love and physical relationship. The fact that Anya has both the personal experience as well as the intellectual knowledge about sex love and relationships helped my partner and I trust her which helped us really go deep in our exploration. We came out of that series of sessions with a new understanding of both our selves as well as each other. This certainly gives us the hope that we can keep working and continuing to grow and build as a couple. Thanks Anya!!!

Catherine and Steven

Catherine and Steven

Anya is a miracle worker! My husband and I have been together 14 years, work full time, and have two kids under the age of 2. Needless to say, our intimate relationship has taken a backseat to more pressing responsibilities. Well, we finally got tired of being just partners and co-parents for the past few years and decided we wanted to be a couple again, in every sense of the word. We tried, but couldn't do it alone so we reached out to Anya. 3 sessions in and our love life has done a complete 180. Anya really changed the way we perceived and approached intimacy. It's as if we're college students again. We both have HUGE crushes on each other and I don't see us running out of steam anytime soon. Anya's wisdom is pure gold and seeking her counsel was one of the best things we've ever done for our relationship. Thanks, Anya! If we could, we'd give you more stars!

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Andrew & Heather

We are a couple who have been together for six years and have been having intimacy issues. We sought out Dr. Anya to help guide us through this rough patch. Anya's warmth and openness made the experience all the more easy. My wife is a little uncomfortable discussing some of these issues, just like many people but in Anya, she found someone in whom she could confide. We had all of our meetings through online video chat, which I was at first skeptical of, but our living situation did not allow for us to meet in person. In the end I found the video chat to be as effective if not more so than meeting in person. We highly recommend Dr. Anya to anybody who is seeking to improve their all around relationship with their partner.

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Sean & Jen

Anya was instrumental in helping my wife and I overcome a near 10 year impasse in our relationship. Not only did she provide an invaluable toolset for regaining the intimacy that seemed all but lost between us, Anya's open, caring approach, warm personality, and keen understanding of the underlying issues we faced created an environment that allowed for quick progress to occur. It was clear early on that she took a genuine interest in both our individual well being and in the state of our marriage. In all honesty, I did not expect such an impact from working remotely, but our Skype sessions were a sanctuary that allowed us to safely express ourselves and explore effective paths toward mutual growth. We are very happy to have worked with her, and feel empowered knowing that she is available if we ever find the need to talk with her again. We've seen relationship counselors and therapists, both together and individually, prior to Anya. We can say with the utmost confidence that Anya was, by far, our best resource. We both recommend her highly to any couples who have experienced intimacy challenges stemming from mis-matched desires, lack of communication, or other seeming incompatibilities that can create an apparent stalemate in which moving forward appears truly impossible. We are truly grateful for Anya and her help in seeing that, with the right guidance and effort, the walls we built between us were obstacles that could certainly be traversed!

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Kassiah & Chris

Dr. Anya is full of love, acceptance and wisdom for her clients. She helped my husband and I think about our sexual relationship differently which opened new doors for us to explore. She has simple tools that make sexuality easy, fun and free. After 12 years together, Dr. Anya helped us reinvigorate and reprioritize sensual connection in our marriage. I would recommend Dr. Anya to anyone who seeks a safe, loving place to explore sexuality in a new way.

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Clark and Callie

My fiancé and I were having sex issues. We have a phenomenal relationship all around, except for some serious tension and arguments that we’ve had regarding sex. Seeing Dr. Anya has helped us communicate better both in and out of her office and to understand each others’ perspectives. She was a delight and had insightful, interesting and even fun homework assignments for us. Before meeting with Dr. Anya our non-monogamous activities were put on hold. After a couple of months of seeing her we were able to discuss our needs, formulate boundaries and feel more comfortable with our kinky endeavors. We may very well end up seeing Dr. Anya again for a tune-up here and there, but we were extremely satisfied with the results from our meetings.


Unconsummated Marriage?

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