What is Clinical Sexology?

A clinical sexologist is a sexologist who offers sex counseling, coaching, and education to assist people towards understanding and accepting themselves as sexual beings and to encourage them towards their sexual goals.

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What is Adult Sex Education?

For many years, I have taught adult sexuality education classes and workshops.  I have also given lectures, presentations, and workshops for college-level students. What I see time and again is that people have grown up without basic knowledge of human sexuality.

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What is your approach to sexuality counseling? 

My work as a Sex Educator & Clinical Sexologist is a specialty practice that deals with issues specifically around sexuality from a sex-positive, non-judgmental and shame-free paradigm of healing.

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Do you work with LGBTQAIQ folks?

Yes! I work with everybody and have extensive knowledge and training with the LGBTQ population.  If you are an individual or a couple you will find that I hold a safe container for discussing issues that may be specifically relevant to your gender identity and expression and sexual preference. If you identify as questioning or asexual you will find that I hold a non-judgemental space to explore those themes and questions in your life.

Can I do individual work if I am in a relationship? 

Yes, I often see individuals who are in a relationship and who choose to first work on their own issues related to sexuality and intimacy before doing couples work.

Is this hands-on therapy or coaching? 

I do not offer hands-on work. Most of the work we do together involves talking, setting goals and suggestions of HomePlay activities.  If you are interested in working with someone who is a hands-on practitioner, I suggest you visit the Sexological Bodywork & Certified Sex Surrogate databases for a practitioner near you.

Do you take insurance?

I do not accept insurance at this time.  As a sexuality specialist, my work is outside the scope of insurance carriers. Hopefully, one day this will change.

I am ready for sex education & consulting.  How do I get started? 

I’m glad you asked! I accept new clients who are ready and willing to do the work and who are a good match for working with me and my approach to sexual healing and empowerment.  After an initial phone consultation, and if we are a match for working together, we will meet in person for a minimum of 5 sessions.

I am not ready for sessions right now.  Do you have any free resources?

Yes! I highly recommend the San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) hotline for accurate, shame-free and confidential answers to your questions around sexuality.

415-989-SFSI (7374)

Our hours are (US/Pacific time)
Monday 6-9
Tuesday 3-9
Wednesday 3-9
Thursday 6-9
Saturday 1-4
Not open holidays or holiday weekends.