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Are you struggling with issues around sexuality and intimacy and running into walls trying to fix your problems? Maybe therapy or medicine has been only moderately beneficial and you are seeking some practical, reliable tools and techniques to achieve the results you desire?

Most clients see results quickly using my tried and true approaches to sexuality.  My work is a blend of Clinical Sexology, Sex Education, and Somatic Sexology.

Our sessions begin with a thorough intake appointment that includes a sexual and lifestyle history and goals for treatment.

Couples may receive the Relationship Checkup assessment designed by The Gottman Method to accurately assess the problem spots in the relationship to get to the heart of any blocks in intimacy.

Clients receive HomePlay exercises to do in between sessions with additional resources including books, videos and custom crafted curriculum.

This work is wonderful as stand-alone sex coaching for those who are ready to dive in and, some people benefit from seeing a psychotherapist in addition to myself if there are deep-rooted issues that our work is not able to address.

Occasionally, I work in conjunction with sex surrogates and sexological bodyworkers if clients need some assistance with hands-on therapies that are outside my scope of practice. To discuss these options please do not hesitate to reach out.

My work is trauma-informed, meaning that I do not believe in pushing people farther than they can go, I respect boundaries and use a collaborative approach to transformation - taking into consideration any past traumas, wounds or hurts that would warrant a slow and gentle approach.

HomePlay assignments can include:

  • Custom crafted curriculum
  • Books
  • Videos
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Sex Education

Clients see results in 5 - 24 weeks. This is meant to be short-term, results-oriented coaching, not long term therapy.

Have more questions? Please book a free consultation.

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