My work with clients is a blend of weekly sessions + specific HomePlay exercises. I have see this method bear results in couples quickly.  It takes about 5-20 sessions to see tremendous changes in sexual chemistry, intimacy and communication.

All clients begin with an initial intake appointment with ample time to discuss your concerns, your sexual health history, your lifestyle and other issues that may be contributing to the overall health of your sex and relationship.  

I create a safe space to discuss sex and intimacy.  People often come to me from backgrounds where talking about sex has been taboo or where they have had difficulties bringing up the topic in a healthy way.  Within a safe and supportive container many folks feel relaxed and finally able to express themselves. 

In addition to discussion, couples will be guided through specific exercises. These exercises involve ways to touch to build arousal and intimacy, communication tools be more effective at asking for what you want and The Gottman Method exercises to build upon intimacy, trust and to resolve and heal conflict. 

All intimacy building exercises are G-rated in session. 

In addition to weekly online/virtual appointments each client has HomePlay exercises to do outside of session.  These exercises are suggested as a way to advance your knowledge of your sexuality, build intimacy and trust with your partner and practice skills that will take your knowledge of your own sexuality and that of your partner to the next level.

This approach is great for those who have done couples or individual therapy and are still needing some extra help.The process can be quite transformative in a short amount of time and many folks have seen great results.

In addition to somatic sexology, sex education and Gottman Method tools I utilize mindfulness practices in all of my curriculum as a way to come back to continual awareness of the body. We begin each session with a short, guided meditation and all somatic sexology curriculum is designed with a mindful approach.  My belief is that by getting out of constant thinking and monkey mind and into the body through specific exercises, wonderful intimacy and pleasurable sex can happen.

This approach is not a good fit for those couples who are not fully committed to working on their relationship or who may be in the process of breaking up. This is also not a good approach for those that need mental health interventions.

In addition to working with couples, I work with individuals who are in a relationship and who may need assistance with ED, EE, porn use or overuse, pelvic floor pain, anorgasmia, low libido and arousal and lack of sexual knowledge.

My work is kink friendly, trauma informed and is open to all sexual orientations, genders and gender expressions. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!