the LOTUS Method bodywork for women

The LOTUS Method – Hands-on Healing for Women

 This bodywork modality is meant to be accompanied by The LOTUS Method worksheet and adds the benefit of learning new methods of embodied empowerment, relaxation, self-care, and healing to the process of growth.

I believe that hands-on healing is one of the best modalities for working with trauma, body image, stress reduction and burnout. As a CMT with 20 years of experience working with women in a healing capacity, I offer somatic therapies that address a variety of issues related to holistic female sexuality.

My bodywork modality is non-sexual and promotes whole body healing.  Past traumas can remain in our systems and manifest as a myriad of physical issues that also affect a woman’s sexual health and experience of her body and it is my belief that non-sexual, therapeutic bodywork can assist in the body’s natural healing process.  I use a trauma-informed model of gentle healing touch to address consent and boundaries, healthy communication of what feels good and what doesn’t, a safe space for emotional release and a way to reduce stress and feel good in your body again.

. I work with women in all stages of life including pregnancy, post-partum, new mamas, women going through peri-menopause, and women in menopause or post-menopause.

Note about therapeutic somatic therapy vs. sexological bodywork:

The work I do with women is all therapeutic and there is no sexological bodywork component.  For some women, they may want a sexological healing modality and I am always happy to refer out to one of my esteemed colleagues in that field.  I also refer to physical therapists who work with pelvic floor pain if that is a modality that may be needed for you.Please feel free to ask me any questions to clarify.

Wonderful article that explains the benefits of somatic bodywork to promote healing and restore the body to its natural state:

Freeing the Body from Habitual Patterns
By Mary Ann Foster


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