For many years, I have taught adult sexuality education classes and workshops.  I have also given lectures, presentations, and workshops for college level students. What I see time and again is that people have grown up without basic knowledge of human sexuality.

I ask my students if they know what a female prostate is? Most, if not all, say No. (Here is a nerdy PubMed article if you are curious Female Prostate) Without basic sex education, it is really hard to advance one’s sexual knowledge and expertise and have a truly satisfying sex life.  Knowledge = Pleasure.  When we know all about our bodies, how they function, what our erectile tissues do, how our minds and bodies work in unison (or out of unison) to create arousal and desire, how our sexual response systems work and how our identities can shape our understanding of our bodies, we are empowered to learn how to truly give and receive pleasure.

We start with the basics in all my classes.  Anatomy & Physiology.  We then go on to discuss communication techniques including consent and boundaries, how to negotiate for a truly amazing experience and how to ask for what we want in a way that our partners are a Yes! Then, when the brass tacks are all laid out we go on to technique.  Technique is what people generally really want, need, desire and have a great deal of interest in.  I teach my students a variety of sexual techniques to achieve great satisfaction in their sex lives with themselves and their lovers.

My sex education comes from many different areas including, San Francisco Sex Information 50 hours comprehensive, cutting edge, non-judgemental and up to date sex education, Tantra, BDSM & Kink,  Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education, and a Doctor of Human Sexuality degree.

I teach adult, mainly hands-on, sex education classes.  I offer a presentation, live demo and hands-on lab.  My demo models are people who have a love of their bodies, are sex-positive and genuinely want to educate people through the lens of direct learning.

I do not offer any hands-on therapies and all of my classes are educational.