Personal-Boundaries1-300x2291Anya D offers Sexual Boundaries & Consent presentations and workshops to students at Universities and Colleges.  She also partners with Christine Schoefer, Self-Defense teacher  in powerful and effective Boundaries, Consent & Safety workshops.

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The Art of Consent:

  • Definition of Affirmative Consent
  • Negotiating Boundaries
  • Determining what is a Sovereign Desire
  • Determining what is a Bottom Line
  • Using the Buddy System & how that really works
  • Alcohol/Drugs and Consent
  • Staying safe in potentially unsafe spaces 
  • Bystander Intervention

Boundaries, Consent & Personal Safety with Anya de Montigny & Christine Schoefer

This Sex Education, Self-defense workshop is designed for students to expand their sense of personal safety and confidence. It covers topics of personal-defense, boundaries, consent and sexual expression in a practical way so that participants will feel greater safety and freedom in their lives.

Anya & Christine teach students verbal and physical skills so that participants can move confidently in the world, including:

  • identify their own feelings as well as potentially threatening situation and/or individuals
  • Learn what Affirmative Consent is and is not
  • Learn what is a Safe Space and what is not
  • Gain an understanding of their bodies and their desires
  • Assertiveness skills to establish and reinforce boundaries with strangers, colleagues and intimates.
  • Simple, effective physical techniques to back up verbal requests and/or to get out of dangerous situations.
  • Students will walk away with tools they can apply in their lives immediately.




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