sex therapy for women

Women’s Sexuality

Low Desire & Arousal

Lack of Orgasm

Body Image

Negotiating Boundaries & Consent

Identifying Desires and Needs

Healthy Communication

Alleviating Shame

Healing Sexual Trauma

Mother Burn-Out

Hormonal Fluctuations

Pelvic Floor Pain



Kinks and Fantasies

Lesbian and Queer

sex therapy men

Men’s Sexuality

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Differences

Early Ejaculation

Delayed Ejaculation

Pelvic Floor Pain

Porn Use or Overuse

Massage Parlor Use or Overuse

Kinks and Fantasies

Body Image

Masculine Identity

Navigating Boundaries and Consent

dr anya couples therapy

Couple’s Sexuality and Intimacy

Mismatched Libidos/Desire Discrepancy

Sex Education

Somatic Awareness 

Mindfulness Exercises

Restorative Conversations

The Gottman Method for Couples

Arranged marriages

Unconsummated marriages

Older virgins

New parents 

Spicing up your sex life

Healing from Affairs (must have done some couples therapy and would like help learning to be intimate again).

adult sex education

Other specialties include:

TransGender Sexuality

Sex Education

Somatic Awareness

Sexual Trauma Awareness and Sensitivity

Healthy Communication

Nutrition and Healthy Body Image

Alternative Love/LifeStyles

Diversity and Interracial Relationships