couples “Working with Anya was an amazing experience. My husband and I both felt that our sessions with Anya brought us much closer and helped us in moving past old energetic blocks between us. To this day, a year later, we enjoy a far greater intimacy and trust, and a much better sex life. Anya was gentle and encouraging while firmly helping us see the ways that we could let go of old baggage and move into the present. As a result, we are ever grateful to her.” – Emma and Mark


We all go through ups and downs in our intimate and sexual relationships and sometimes it feels like there is no end in sight when conflicts or frustrations arise.  The good news is that as soon as you commit to working on your relationship and reach out for help the transformation starts to happen.

Unlike psychotherapy, sexuality counseling takes the approach of setting specific goals and working towards them together. We start with what is going on right now and move towards creating the kind of healthy sexual and intimate relationship you both desire.

My clients generally start to notice a change in their dynamic by the first session.


  • Healthy and conscious communication
  • Inter-racial, Intercultural and Inter-religious relationships and how those upbringings manifest in the sexual dynamic
  • Parent Burn-Out and how to get you sex life back
  • When Early Ejaculation & Erectile “Dysfunction” affects the relationship
  • When female pelvic pain affects the relationship
  • How to have what you want and please your partner too
  • Sexual anatomy, sexual response systems and the idea of Knowledge = Pleasure
  • Somatic Awareness techniques to increase intimacy and sensation
  • De-bunking myths of what’s “normal”
  • Exploring Fantasies, Kink, and Role-Play for enhanced pleasure
  • Sex Toys and Tips
  • Alternative Life/Love-Styles
  • LGBTQ specific issues/concerns

With weekly home-play exercises, you will benefit both from the in-person sessions and the physical experience you share in your own space as you start to build more connection, intimacy and sexual pleasure in your relationship.

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