With so many amazing sex therapists and relationship coaches to choose from it’s important to understand the approach I take when working with couples.

This custom approach comes from 26 years of work in the field of sexology and has proven to be successful time and time again!

Sex coaching and education is not the same as psychotherapy. I am a sexologist not a psychologist. Basically, in just a few words, that means that this work is goal specific, short term (3-6 months) and in the end you will have learned a LOT about yourself and your partner. And of course, your sex life will be much much better than it is now! My clients are usually so well versed in sexuality half-way through working with me that they start teaching and counseling their friends!

Please read on and book a consultation call where we will go over this approach and I will answer any questions you may have

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The Gottman Method

As a Gottman Method – 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work Leader I teach  couples practical tools and exercises to better their relationships. At the heart of healthy, satisfying sex is good communication, healthy conflict styles, knowing each other’s inner world, and deep intimacy.

The Gottman Method is a research based method that increases all of the most important factors that enable a healthy relationship to thrive. In this container of trust and commitment couples can flourish in their sex lives.

Restorative practices 

I bring in the core concepts of restorative practices in the areas of communication, healthy agreements and conflict negotiation. This work is powerful! By creating relationship agreements, couples team building exercises, and a trauma-informed safe space for challenging conversations positive transformation and deep trust can be had. 

Stress Reduction

High cortisol levels and a fast paced life can be at the core of sexual concerns. By using mindfulness techniques couples can bring their stress levels down and experience more pleasure and satisfaction in their lovemaking. 

Mindfulness works wonders for those struggling with all aspects of their sexuality. 

Erectile dysfunction, early or delayed ejaculation, pelvic floor pain (including vaginismus and dyspareunia), performance anxiety and so much more can all be transformed using mindfulness.

Custom mindfulness curriculum is given to couples that includes mindfulness exercises for various issues including weaning from porn overuse, achieving a mindful masturbation practice and connecting more deeply with your partner. 

In our sessions we always start with a mindful meditation as a way to break from the busy day, get into our bodies and begin the exciting work of healing.

Somatic awareness practices

I have developed my Erotic Fundamentals HomePlay Exercises through many years of working with couples to see what is the most useful for them to learn and apply in their sex lives. 

I believe that it is through doing somatic (body-based) exercises that true intimacy and connection can happen.  It is not enough just to talk about sex and intimacy, couples need practices that will foster connection for true transformation to happen.  

Each client has exercises to do in between session which strengthens intimacy and helps unlearn old habits and learn new, rewarding habits that will engender increased pleasure and sensation in the body. 

Sex education 

Many couples have only had basic sex education or none at all.  It is rare for people to really understand how their bodies work.  There are a lot of myths about human sexuality that we get from societal messages and scripts, social media, mainstream media and religious or cultural upbringing.  It is vital that people understand how their bodies actually function so that they can be empowered to make changes that are sustainable and pleasurable.  

Hormone education 

The emphasis of hormone education is on: 

1. How human sexuality changes over our lifespan.  Couples complain that they are not having the kind of sex they had when they were younger. They judge themselves and their partner and compare themselves to how they used to be.  It is imperative to understand how hormone changes happen in the body over time and to provide options that you can choose to better function optimally. 

2. We discuss how high levels of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline decrease pleasure, sexual function and create dysfunctions in the body. You will learn strategies to bio-hack this system and lower cortisol levels thereby, enabling sexual function. 

3. Additionally, we discuss all the exciting ways you can feel yummy hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine and ways to boost testosterone naturally. 


Neuroscience shows us that our brains are not stuck in a rut but that they are constantly evolving and changing.  We call this neuroplasticity.  By harnessing the power of neuroplasticity through HomePlay exercises couples can make gradual and lasting changes in their connections with their bodies, their mindset and each other.  

Sex positive & non-judgmental 

Sexologists do not take the view that there Is something “wrong” with you.  We believe that due to negative messages about sexuality, lack of communication skills and busy lives people get Into situations where things just aren’t going well.  This Is also true for stress, anxiety and the sexual health Issues that can happen as a result.  It Is not that there Is something wrong rather, something needs to change.  The view of sex positivity Is that by seeing ourselves as whole, perfect and complete rather than damaged and defected we can make Important, effective and lasting change while growing more and more healthy and empowered.  

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