Take advantage of the Holidays! For a limited time I am offering Somatic Sex Therapy for Couples to learn amazing Hands-On Techniques to encourage deeper intimacy, more sexual play and the opportunity to give and receive in new and exciting ways.

Please note: this is all about YOU and I instruct, guide and teach but do not get involved in the play between partners.  As a Sexologist it is my passion to help couples learn sexual mastery, however, I maintain physical distance and instruct from the sidelines.  You will have a massage table and everything you need supplied for a wonderful journey. 



Erotic Massage! Doesn’t that sound wonderful? For a lot of couples, erotic massage can seem daunting.  How does one give a good massage let alone one that involves sexy good times? It’s true that there is a lot to learn and that erotic massage is an art form.  With oils, a massage table, lots of communication and some suave techniques you can learn this fabulous art form!

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“An ecstatic exploration of the senses through light bondage, sensory deprivation, erotic massage, and sensation play.” – bondassage.com 

I love teaching Bondassage! There is so much going on that it’s the most playful way to give your partner a sexy massage.  With light bondage and a little bit of kink, lots of sensation play and a bit of domination you can have your partner drooling on the table and begging for more.  Treat yourselves to this kind of fun during the Holidays!


There is a lot of pleasure to be had through G-Spot Massage including the possibility of Female Ejaculation.  And, there is an equal amount of potential for pleasure for men through prostate massage.  Most people do not know how to do internal massage and of course! We are not taught the intricacies of human sexual pleasure in this way.  Take advantage of this holiday special to learn how to give and receive a new and exciting type of massage!

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We sometimes call this modality Tantra – however, the world of Sacred Sexuality combines aspects of many different and powerful somatic techniques including; breath, movement, divine union, deep intimate connection, erotic massage, and loving and slow stimulation.  Sacred Sexuality is best done in a Ritual format where the entire environment is transformed for transcendent pleasure.  Have you been wanting to learn this spiritual art form? Now is the time…