As a sexuality specialist, I offer sex education, coaching, and consultation for individuals and couples.  I am not a psychotherapist, rather I am a highly trained specialist in my field who offers a short-term, goal-oriented approach. Most of my clients see results within 5 - 16 weeks although the time varies from client to client.

I view sexuality coaching from a pleasure-positive, shame-free and nonjudgmental approach that does not pathologize or diagnose an illness.  If you have tried therapy in the past, are currently in therapy, or are just starting off on your journey of self-discovery and want methods and tools to create change in your life this work will be great for you.

You are always encouraged to bring your full self including all your emotions which I hold in a safe, trauma-informed container.

Here is a tool to help guide you in an understanding of some of the potential differences between coaching and therapy. There are also a lot of overlap in both because many coaches utilize deep empathy and are experts in their field and many therapists utilize forward focused, non-judgemental approaches.  It is up to you to decide what model will work best for you in your life to address issues around sex, intimacy, and relationships.  Still, have questions? Please reach out for a free phone consultation and let's talk!


Coaching Therapy
Client is emotionally and psychologically healthy Client is emotionally unwell
Focuses on the present and future Focuses on dealing with the past
Driven by goals and taking action Driven by unresolved issues and feelings
Works toward a higher level of functioning and healing Works to achieve understanding and emotional healing
Results-based and focuses on exploring solutions Explores the root of problems and offers explanation
Asks, “Where would you like to be and how can you get there?” Asks, “How did that make you feel?”
Acts on information Absorbs information
Done over the phone, internet or in person Done in an office setting
Coach and client collaborate on solutions Therapist is the ‘expert’
Contact between sessions expected (accountability and wins) Contact between sessions for crisis and difficulties only