dr anya bio

As a coach/consultant I work with high achieving couples and individuals who are struggling with sex & intimacy issues.  

Coaching is a forward focused approach that takes folks from where they are now to where they want to be.  While we may touch on some aspects of your past around mindset and beliefs, we will always move forward towards what you want to create in your present and future. 

Many of my clients have had individual and/or couple’s therapy and now need some strategies and tools to move forward.

If you are ready to make lasting, transformational change in your life then coaching may be right for you!

However, If you are on the verge of divorce and do not feel you are in a safe space with your spouse or are dealing with mental health challenges that prevent you from functioning day to day,  it’s best to see a highly qualified therapist before seeking out coaching.  

Please reach out with any questions or to book a free consultation call.