dr anya bio

I offer sex education, coaching, and consultation for couples and individuals in a relationship.

I am not a psychotherapist, rather I am a clinical and somatic sexologist – a highly trained specialist who offers a short-term, goal-oriented approach to sex, intimacy and relationships. 

I offer years of expertise and study in human sexuality and partner with clients in a thought-provoking, behavior changing process to inspire them towards their potential.

The 3 hats I wear as a Sexologist:


I offer education for couples in the realm of sex, Intimacy and communication as a way for folks to advance their knowledge, become empowered, and learn specific strategies towards their goal of a healthy sex life. 


  • Dr. Anya’s Erotic Fundamentals
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Kink
  • Sexual Response and Arousal
  • and more..


Relationship Education to enhance couples ability to communicate and resolve conflict which creates a foundation of intimacy and connection. 

  • The Gottman Method 
  • Restorative Practices for Couples 

With custom crafted curriculum, books and videos, HomePay exercises are offered in-between sessions to create a container for true transformation to happen in a relatively short period of time.


As a specialist I consult with folks around specific issues that are troubling them and help them find solutions to those issues in order to have the kind of relationship they desire. 

Many of my clients have had psychotherapy and are still seeking solutions and strategies to help them transform their sex lives.

I believe that not only is it important to have a safe space to talk about sex and intimacy issues, you also need tools and techniques to help change deeply held patterns and beliefs around sex.  This is where consulting comes in. It may help you get to your goals quicker to have an expert’s opinion and specific tools to help you on your journey. 


There are times when it’s more important to listen, ask questions and gently guide clients towards their own empowerment vs. educate or consult.  In those moments I don my coaching hat and partner with clients in a thought provoking process that moves them towards their goals.

What I am not:

I am not a psychologist or psychotherapist. A therapist has a different training and skill set and is great for folks who are struggling with mental health challenges or trauma.

To better understand the difference between a coach and a therapist, here is a quote from the Lumia website:

“Therapy is focused on bringing people from suffering to baseline. Therapy deals more with behavioral or emotional problems, disruptive situations and works to bring clients towards normal function by healing disfunction.

Coaching is focused on bringing people from baseline to flourishing. Coaching helps functional people achieve higher goals and achieve excellence while creating their ideal life. The main focus remains on flourishing, and creating the future. Coaching is client led, and the topics and issues the client brings to the conversation sets the context as coaching or therapy.”

So, which one is right for you?

You have been experiencing pain and that’s why you are seeking a professional’s help. It’s the route that you take towards that destination that may be different.  For many people who have tried psychotherapy and have not seen a shift in their sex and intimacy patterns this work may be beneficial because of its goal oriented and forward focused approach.

If you are on the verge of a break up or divorce, are questioning your commitment to your relationship, are dealing with mental health challenges that prevent you from functioning day to day, are struggling with a mental health diagnosis or unresolved trauma it’s best to see a highly qualified therapist.  

Please reach out with any questions or to book a free consultation call. 

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