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Welcome, I hope that this page answers any questions you have about consulting/coaching with Dr. Anya. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to text: 415-570-1302


In brief, there are 3 important aspects to achieving your sexual/intimate goals:


We look at how the mind informs the body.

What are your cultural or religious beliefs, other limiting beliefs, fears, blocks and resistance around your issue?

We work on powerful ways to gently shift those beliefs and fears, when applicable,  so that you can move forward towards your sexual/intimate goals.

Body and Somatics

It’s not enough to have a mindset shift it’s also imperative to discover what messages your body is sending to your mind. Are you getting enough arousal? Is your body armored and defended against touch and pleasure? Do you need more experience so that you can discover what your body likes and doesn’t like?

Through body based, somatic activities both in session (dyad work with couples or somatic self-touch for individuals – all G-rated in session) and HomePlay outside of session folks can find unlimited pleasure in their bodies while dissolving any blocks that may be in the way.


Environment or context is a big factor is how some folks experience pleasure.  We discuss what context works best for you and how to achieve that. This can be through communication exercises and conflict resolution techniques for couples to help achieve a safe space to learning how to create a “Nest” that invites folks to sink deeper into pleasure within a sensual container.

Some of the methods use:’

The Gottman Method

Somatic Sexology

Neuroscience of Change 

Dr. Anya’s Erotic Fundamentals for Couples and Individuals

Mindfulness Techniques

Advanced Adult Sex Education 

And More…

This work takes approximately 3-6 months to see great results.

Online sessions are 60 minutes with an initial intake appointment of 60-70 minutes.


  • Weekly online Zoom session.
  • All curriculum including: Erotic Fundamentals for Couples 
  • Instructional videos for erotic massage if applicable.
  • 7 days/week unlimited email and/or text support.
  • And more…

    Option 1:

    $360 Intake Appointment 

    $325 per session

    Optional Gottman Relationship Assessment $40 investment. 

    Option 2: Coaching Package*

    Pay in full 6 sessions at a time at a 10% discount with option to renew.


    Option 3:


    $260-295 for those who are students, immigrants to the US, one spouse is working in the relationship, etc. Case by case basis.

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