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Welcome to the Certified Bondassage Practitioner training October 21 & 22, 2017!
I am so excited to be working with you all and training you in this fabulous modality.
Bondassage changed my life! I went from being frustrated with sensual massage and Tantra after many years of working with men and finding that I had to constantly re-assert my boundaries and bat away wandering hands to owning my female sovereign power in sessions by stepping into my Dominant personality in a sensual and sexy way while exerting fun control and kinky methods in the process. The clients loved it! And, I attracted better clients. I made more money, had more fun and Bondassage became a door way for me to explore professional BDSM which was the highlight of my career. You can be any kind of provider to practice Bondassage. There are FBSM, Tantra, escort, Pro Dom and Sexological Bodyworkers who are all certified and who make it their own. Once you learn the branded sequence you can do whatever you want with it while calling yourself a certified Bondassage practitioner. I became a teacher and taught couples in group and private classes, then I became a Trainer and now teach providers this beautiful art form.
We will be meeting at a lovely private condo owned by a provider who is excited to host this class. The space is in Marina Bay, Richmond near the Bay Trail, right by the water, with swimming pools and hot tubs and not far from restaurants. It is easily accessible to both the East and North Bays.
The address will be given out after you place your deposit for the class. ***
The training cost:
$800 (this is a discount of $2200! by joining a group class)
$300 deposit is due by October 1st.
$500 can be paid in installments. ***
The Bondassage Kit should be ordered through Jaeleen. You can also create your own kit and after you place your deposit I will send a list of items you can gather together for your kit. ***
I have created a way for you to pay via PayPal in installments. I prefer just two payments of $250 aftre the $300 deposit, however, I am able to accomodate other needs if you are strapped for cash right now. *** If you’d prefer another payment method like cash or check get in contact with me for that arrangement. ***
If, for some reason, you have changed your mind and this date no longer works let me know ASAP! I need to make sure I have 6 providers in the training to cover all costs so please let me know ASAP if you are not attending.
Thanks and I am SO looking forward to this!
Goddess (Dr.) Anya
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