Are you in a an arranged or love marriage and are struggling with intimacy?

Do you have challenges with vaginal discomfort during penetration that makes you fearful of having intercourse?

Are you losing your erection right before penetration?

Do you feel shame because you have not been able to have intercourse in your long-term and committed relationship?

Have you lost attraction to each other as a result?

If so, you are in the right place and hope is here!

I have worked with countless couples in arranged/love marriages who are suffering with this same cluster of concerns.

I believe that vaginismus, vulvodynia and dyspareunia are the result of neural circuit pain which is pain that originates in the brain but is not caused by injury.

And, that erectile variations (my term for ED) is the result of anxiety and stress when it comes to sexual intimacy.

These sexual health concerns fall within the realm of mind/body disorders and are completely reversible and treatable without invasive procedures or meditation.

For folks struggling with these conditions we meet first for a brief consultation over zoom and if you’d like to move forward with my coaching program we will have a couple’s intake session and then do separate individual intake sessions so I can get more specific background information.

We will then either resume with couple’s sessions or do a few more individual sessions so that you can work on your own concerns before doing couple’s work.

During our initial consultation call I will explain the modalities I use to assist you in overcoming these challenges. And, please see my couple’s program page for more information on what to expect in the intimacy building portion of our sessions.