Tantra embodies many beautiful teachings: Deeply intimate, sustained connection with our Beloved, moving energy through the chakras for spiritual healing and transformation, full-bodied Orgasm and increased, prolonged and heightened sensations through the whole body.
And, western Tantra often promotes hedonism ~ do whatever feels good as a path to sexual fulfillment. Dark Tantra embodies many elements of traditional western Tantra, however, the emphasis is not on doing whatever feels good but on being a devoted and disciplined disciple of your Teacher. By having discipline, surrendering your ego, worshiping your Teacher (Goddess/God, Guide, Dominant) you will then attain ultimate Pleasure.In this class Anya will show you how to:

1) Engage in the ancient practice of Goddess/God Worship

Step into your embodiment of the Goddess/God as a Dominant
Surrender your ego and Serve the Goddess/God as a sub
Switch between these roles, if desired

2) Surrender your ego through Trust building exercises

Sensation play & sensory deprivation
Pushing your edges
Learning the language of Domination/submission

3) The Sensual Art of Orgasm: Tease, Denial & Control

Orgasm Denial
Extended & Expanded Orgasm
Tie & Tease

4) Use Sound, Touch, Breath, Movement to create an Erotic Trance state with your partner