Are you in a long-term, committed relationship and experience bedroom boredom? Do you want to learn some exciting new techniques to spice things up? Or, maybe you have some communication blocks and want to learn how to express your desires with each other?

I specialize in helping couples bridge the gap between busy work lives and relaxing, enjoyable, passionate love-making by creating a safe space to begin to explore the conversations that make great sex possible. You first need to talk about it then you need to do it!

With weekly sessions, HomePlay exercises, books to read and instructional video to watch you will experience a new and refreshed (and possibly better than ever) sex life in your long-term relationship. 

You may also benefit from Somatic Sex Education to experientially learn how to create a space and use techniques to enhance the pleasure between you. 

“Anya was instrumental in helping my wife and I overcome a near 10 year impasse in our relationship. Not only did she provide an invaluable toolset for regaining the intimacy that seemed all but lost between us, Anya’s open, caring approach, warm personality, and keen understanding of the underlying issues we faced created an environment that allowed for quick progress to occur. It was clear early on that she took a genuine interest in both our individual well being and in the state of our marriage. In all honesty, I did not expect such an impact from working remotely, but our Skype sessions were a sanctuary that allowed us to safely express ourselves and explore effective paths toward mutual growth. We are very happy to have worked with her, and feel empowered knowing that she is available if we ever find the need to talk with her again. We’ve seen relationship counselors and therapists, both together and individually, prior to Anya. We can say with the utmost confidence that Anya was, by far, our best resource. We both recommend her highly to any couples who have experienced intimacy challenges stemming from mis-matched desires, lack of communication, or other seeming incompatibilities that can create an apparent stalemate in which moving forward appears truly impossible. We are truly grateful for Anya and her help in seeing that, with the right guidance and effort, the walls we built between us were obstacles that could certainly be traversed!” S & J Long Island, NY


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