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Have you been having difficulty with PinV (penis in vagina) intercourse after marriage or while in a long-term relationship?

Dr. Anya offers coaching for couples who have been unable to achieve sexual intercourse in their marriage due to:

  • Lack of sex education
  • Pelvic floor pain
  • Erectile Dysfunction or Early Ejaculation
  • Lack of Desire and/or Arousal
  • Possible other factors

During a 3 – 6 month sex education & coaching series using a mix of video conferencing, somatic coaching, custom HomePlay and instructional videos you can expect:

Sex Education lessons defining:

Three categories of sexual functions

  • Desire / libido
  • Arousal 
  • Orgasm

Anatomy physiology

  • Vulva including clitoris and vagina
  • Penis and scrotum

How arousal works 

  • Male arousal 
  • Female arousal

Masturbation practice

  • Videos
  • Mindful masturbation 

What to do when there is no desire for sex?

  • Arousal in context
  • Arousal non-concordance
  • How to desire your partner

Foreplay techniques to built arousal. 

  • Erotic massage
  • Oral techniques
  • Manual techniques

Somatic sex education for women

  • Breath work for full body relaxation and pleasure 
  • How to touch yourself (masturbate)
  • Masturbation toys (vibrators, dildos) to assist with arousal
  • Genital mapping
  • Pelvic floor release techniques
  • How to use your PC muscles
  • Communication exercises
  • Asking for what you want
  • Consent and Boundaries

Somatic sex education for men

  • Manage EE & ED
  • Manage performance anxiety
  • Learn about your body through genital mapping
  • Mindful masturbation to develop arousal
  • Weaning from porn over-use (if applicable)
  • Communicating Desires
  • Using breath to stay connected to sensation 

Somatic sex education for Couples

  • How to touch her.
  • How to touch him. 
  • Communication
  • Asking for what you want
  • Consent & Boundaries 
  • Erotic Massage Techniques

If this sounds like it could be a beneficial course for you please contact Dr. Anya for an initial phone consultation.  
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Dr. Anya

Dr. Anya is a sexuality expert with over 25 years experience working with individuals, couples, and groups. Dr. Anya has a Doctor of Human Sexuality degree and is a certified sex educator and certified sexologist. Dr. Anya has a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area working with individuals and couples and invites straight and LGBTQ people into her practice.


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