April 25th 6:30 – 9:30 Private Class ~ Squirt! Female Ejaculation & G-Spot Massage ~ Limited to 5 Couples in Jack London Square, Oakland

Yes, it’s that season again.  I am offering my Squirt! Female Ejaculation & G-Spot Massage class! Squirt! Female Ejaculation & G-Spot Massage for Couples! Are you excited to learn about Female Ejaculation? Do you need some tips and techniques to get started? Does the prospect of having a more expanded orgasm through G-Spot Stimulation sound awesome?  … [Read more…]

Sacred Kink for Lovers ~ Private Workshop ~ Wednesday, 2/12 Jack London Square, Oakland 6:30-9:30

 Hi everyone, We are now offering this class Wednesday, 2/12 at a Private Condo in Jack London Square, Oakland. 6:30-9:30 Wine, Tea and Snacks provided $30 individual/$50 couple Please email Anya at TeachMeAboutSex@gmail.com to register!   _________________________________________________________ Are you excited about the possibility of weaving a Sacred Ritual into your Kinky play?Does the thought of … [Read more…]

RESCHEDULED: Sacred Kink for Pleasure with Anya de Montigny & Francesca Gentille

Are you excited about the possibility of weaving a Sacred Ritual into your Kinky play?Does the thought of expanding your possibilities around Ecstatic trance states sound tempting?Are you looking for new and exciting ways to play with sexual energy? Would you love to combine pleasure & erotic healing into your sex life? Then join Anya … [Read more…]

Somatic Awareness: Sex & Creativity Playshop

dr. anya sex and creativity

As a culture obsessed with the mind we tend to neglect the powerful energies of the body causing us to become imbalanced. Often times, even with art we are approaching the process through a mental medium. In the lineage of In the lineage of Tantra, the second chakra or sex chakra is believed to be the … [Read more…]


In our fast paced society we tend to overwork ourselves and then crash at the end of a long day simply because the body says, “no more”. Sometimes relaxation only occurs during sleeping hours but is surrounded by busyness and do do do. Intentional relaxation, however, is setting up a space or a container and an … [Read more…]

Madonna/Whore Workshop

I am excited about holding this workshop in the Fall in Los Angeles and San Francisco: Healing the split within ourselves and our culture by becoming Integrated Women. Have you ever felt: Shame around sexual expression? The desire to have a better sex life or sexual expression but that if you did you would be … [Read more…]