Are you interested in Prostate Massage to increase Sexual Pleasure?

Do you know that both men and women have a prostate?

Does the idea of a full bodied Orgasm sound amazing?

Then come to this class and find out how Men and Women can enjoy more heightened sensation, deeper release and full bodied pleasure with Prostate Massage.

We will discuss:

  • How Male and Female Prostates are similar anatomically
  • Why the Female G-Spot is now called the Female Prostate
  • How stimulating this area on both Men and Women can bring full bodied Orgasm
  • Techniques to open up these areas and bring heightened pleasure
  • Toys to use either solo or with a partner
  • How to go slow and feel every sensation
  • Necessary conscious communication during a Prostate Massage

This class consists of a presentation of anatomy and physiology of both the male and female prostate, a LIVE DEMO and an optional Hands-On Lab where you will be able to practice with your partner. During the Lab Anya is available for coaching and Q&A so that you get the most out of your practice session. You must come with a partner/lover/friend if you want to stay for the Lab.

This class is open to all gender expressions and sexual orientations. As language is still evolving in the trans community around sexual anatomy Anya is sensitive to naming body parts and will have a brief period of discussion around this during the class.

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