I work with individuals and couples along the gender spectrum including gender non-conforming and transgender people.  By co-creating a safe space to talk about issues related to sexuality in a non-binary body, a body and identity in transition or post-transition and/or other forms of identity and sexuality related issues, you will find that you can relax and let go.

Some of the issues that we may explore are:

  • Body Image
  • Healthy Libido
  • Low Libido
  • Expanding Sexual Repertoire
  • Alternative Love/Life-Styles
  • How to Attract Your Soul Mate
  • Topics related to navigating surgery both pre and post
  • Communicating Desires
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Learning about your Sexual Anatomy & Response Cycle

Somatic Sex Education HomePlay Exercises May Include:

  • Masturbation Meditations
  • Expanded Orgasm Practices
  • Using Toys to enhance Pleasure
  • Communication Exercises
  • Sensual Research with your Partner/Lover
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