“Dr. Anya is phenomenal! We came to her looking to deepen our connection on many levels. My husband and I have been together for 18+ years. We constantly look for ways to evolve as a couple and as an individual. We empower and seek to understand creative yet healthy ways to continuously enrich each other. From the moment we started working with Dr. Anya over a year ago, we immediately trusted her guidance and was challenged to go beyond the realm of new possibilities. I was also challenged to look within myself to see the potential being that I am. In the realm of sexuality and discovery, I saw discomfort within my own self, neglect of oneself, dishonor of oneself, inauthenticity with oneself, and a deeply rooted armor of fear that hindered me from going beyond what I was capable of. Dr. Anya helped me break down an armor that I did not even know I had. She helped me see my blind spot. She helped me see who I truly am. She helped me see myself without judgement.  Dr. Anya guided me to discover that I am a strong, loving, and compassionate woman who wears multiple archetypes. With competing priorities in my profession and personal life, she showed me that all archetypes can co-exist with each other through awareness, balance, authenticity, and love. Dr. Anya helped me discover that sexuality is another high vibration energy like love and spirituality. Through this exploration, my husband and I have had multiple breakthroughs together and as an individual – and our journey still continues. Sexuality, exploration, evolution, spirituality, awareness, prosperity, abundance, authenticity….you see….they are all inevitably interconnected…one cannot thrive on its own. We are truly thankful and honored to have crossed paths with Dr. Anya, and I know that she will continue to guide us for the rest of our lives.” Sbsavana R. “Anya is a miracle worker! My husband and I have been together 14 years, work full time, and have two kids under the age of 2. Needless to say, our intimate relationship has taken a backseat to more pressing responsibilities. Well, we finally got tired of being just partners and co-parents for the past few years and decided we wanted to be a couple again, in every sense of the word. We tried, but couldn’t do it alone so we reached out to Anya. 3 sessions in and our love life has done a complete 180. Anya really changed the way we perceived and approached intimacy. It’s as if we’re college students again. We both have HUGE crushes on each other and I don’t see us running out of steam anytime soon. Anya’s wisdom is pure gold and seeking her counsel was one of the best things we’ve ever done for our relationship. Thanks, Anya! If we could, we’d give you more stars”. Catherine P. Alameda, CA “Dr. Anya is the real deal and I cannot recommend her more highly. I was looking for someone to help me return some focus to myself after having a child and feeling so separated from my sexuality and sense of intimacy. I immediately connected with Dr. Anya because of her warmth, caring and clear expertise in this field. Over ten or so sessions, I came to some incredible insights thanks to the time, conversation and inquiry led by Dr. Anya. I am a different person today thanks to her. I believe that everyone needs to do work on themselves in this area due to the inhibitions cast upon us by our repressive society. If only there was a Dr. Anya for everyone.” Mara G. Berkeley, CA “I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience with Anya. To start she is respectful, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and encouraging! I came to her hoping to make progress towards experiencing an orgasm. She gave me specific home exercises to do that, when practiced, produced real, measurable results. I successfully achieved my goal within about 4/5 sessions and now get to set new and exciting goals for myself! I absolutely could not recommend her more. She is worth every penny and minute spent and has a genuine interest in helping to accomplish goals and tools to make that happen! Thank you, Anya, you have truly changed my life!” Stephanie B. Vancouver, BC “Anya is an encyclopedia of knowledge about sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy in relationships. She clearly has a passion for the work and comes prepared with so many helpful resources and a desire to make a major improvement in the lives of those she helps. She is warm, down-to-earth, and fun to work with. If you want to enhance your sensual and sexual experiences, whether alone or with a partner, go to Anya. She is simply amazing at what she does!” Nancy A. Santa Cruz, CA “My partner and I hired Anya to teach a bondage massage and sensual massage course for ourselves and some friends and it was wonderful!  Not only was Anya and her space completely professional and beautiful, Anya is also very knowledgeable and sweet!  This session was totally PG rated, very informative, and everyone, even those who were initially nervous, was really comfortable and gained so much from this training.  Anya create a safe and open container that was perfect for dropping in, learning, and connecting with ourselves, and deepening our connection with pleasure.
Thank you so much, Anya!  You are a true gift!” Shawnrey N. Oakland, CA “Anya is an amazing teacher/facilitator and ended up being a delight to organize a very special event for me. She was very easy to work with, both casual and easy going but also very professional and on top of dealing with all the logistics that were involved.  We and all our friends had a very special experience being able to learn and witness together.  I can only imagine what her private sessions are like as she’s very grounded, present, intuitive, knowledgeable and loving.” Brian O. Oakland, CA “I had the absolutely wonderful experience of attending Anya’s workshop with my wife. 
I was nervous ahead of time, not sure what to expect, but Anya is so incredibly warm, experienced, gentle and kind that within a very short time, I felt completely calm and comfortable. 
I appreciated that Anya was so attuned to each person in the workshop, creating a safe, open, beautiful space for us. I left the workshop feeling more comfortable in my body and excited about the possibility of new doors opening inside myself. I often think back on the workshop and will always remember it as a very special time. 
Thank you, Anya, for an amazing workshop!” Andrea R. New York, NY “Anya is great.  She makes you feel at ease from the start.  She listens to you and all your problems, worries and insecurities.  I was nervous to talk to someone about sex but she is very knowledgeable.  I still have work to do on myself but Anya is terrific in helping me continue on my journey.  I feel more comfortable with my body and discovering sexual pleasures.  Sex was always a subject I didn’t talk about but now I am more open about discussing it and what I want.  Anya is just a caring and amazing person.” Selena W. San Francisco, CA “I’ve been married for 10 years and am, well, pretty conservative when it comes to sex, so reaching out to Anya was an act of courage. I was nervous, but she met me where I was at with so much gentleness, empathy, and affirmation. She helped me feel empowered and curious, and gave me new ways to understand and even approach my own sexuality. You get the sense that whoever you are, Anya can meet you and walk with you in the direction that you’d like to explore. Highly recommended!” Valerie T. Vermont “Anya is great at couple’s counseling and really works to connect with both individuals. She creates safe environment which makes is very easy to share and heal. If you are having relationship problems I highly recommend talking to her!” Nate M. Albany, CA  “I just took Anya’s Squirtgasm class last night. It was a perfect balance between the most current and accurate research on female ejaculation and how to build intimacy with your partner. I loved that it wasn’t all just discussion, but there was an acutal live demonstration of a woman ejaculating. It demystified a lot of the conflicting information floating on the web.
Anya created a safe space for couples who decided to stay for the practice segment, where people could use what they learned in the course by practicing the techniques with their partner. Some people may be turned off by the thought of a live demonstration and hands on practice, but honestly you can’t learn to dance from reading a book about it. You gotta go out and practice!” Christopher P. Mexico “Anya is a fabulous sex therapist who is knowledgeable, patient, very perceptive, and extremely passionate about what she does. You’d be very hard pressed to find better. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I have experience in both sexual assault crisis counseling and sex education, so I have some understanding of what this kind of therapy should look like, as well as a lot of information about sex and sexual topics in general. Much like how doctors can be some of the worst patients, it can be difficult for a therapist to treat someone who knows how therapy typically works. But, even still, I don’t think I was any real challenge for her. She beautifully marries a keen sense of perception with an assertiveness that has pushed me to face head on the challenges I wanted to work on, as well as other issues I was unaware of. Her confidence is inspiring, her style is compassionate and welcoming, and she engages fully and unabashedly. All of this is further enhanced by her creative assignments, which are both fun and enlightening. I think she has an amazing ability to pick up on what I need and tailors her activities to best highlight and explore sensitive and important areas. And throughout this all, she is gentle and nonjudgmental in how she engages, which in it of itself is a rare and beautiful thing. Her presence and wonderful approach has made me feel open and safe with her. I feel supported in exploring the areas of discomfort I am looking to address, and she is careful to set the pace slow enough to ensure that I don’t feel overexposed or traumatized. Great therapists are rare enough, great therapists who are willing to explore sensitive issues like sex, relationships, intimacy, and sexual trauma are rarer still. It isn’t enough to say that Anya is an amazing therapist, she is the kind of therapist I would want to be. For anyone interested in exploring sex, sexuality, intimacy, or relationships, look Anya up. You will not regret it” Mike C. Oakland, CA “I took my first workshop with Anya this evening and I thought it was wonderful. She was extremely knowledgeable, covered the material thoroughly, provided excellent handouts, and had a lovely couple do an amazing live demonstration for us. Anya struck the perfect balance between professional competence and personal warmth, encouraged questions and personal sharing from the attendees, and was sensitive and respectful throughout. I’m very much looking forward to my next opportunity to learn from her.” Dan H. Sunnyvale, CA “I first contacted Anya several years ago when I was looking for counseling that would help me become more in touch with my body, and with my erotic self.  At the age of 52, I had come to understand that I hadn’t yet given myself the chance to fully engage with my own eroticism, and that I actually had very little understanding of or sensitivity to this part of myself. The promise I made to myself to find ways of deepening this understanding led me down many paths; one path led me to contact Anya, after hearing her speaking as the host of an online radio program.  I remember my nervousness making that phone call, not knowing anything about the kind of help or services that might be offered, but feeling determined to be brave enough to stay curious, and act on my own behalf. From the first meeting with Anya, it was clear to me that I would be working with someone who had a great deal of sensitivity and knowledge, along with a great kindness, and that I had found the right guide for me to more deeply explore these neglected parts of myself.  Guiding me through practices of quieting my mind and body, coaching me using home exercises, a little bit of body work, and lots of encouragement in my own curiosity, Anya helped me find many avenues of exploration, both in our sessions together, as well as outside her office.  She helped me understand my own desires, and offered wonderful access to resources that allowed me to pursue this deepening further. I would like to stress that throughout our work together, Anya treated me with the utmost respect; her encouragement always was centered in what was authentic for me.  I was truly changed by her coaching, and the effects of her work are still resonating in my life, more than 2 years after our last session.” B.O. San Francisco, CA “There’s something about Anya’s energy that puts me immediately at ease. This is important when working around issues of sexuality. I’ve worked with her several times and feel that she’s able to create a safe space that really allows me to open up and go deep. She has a great approach that combines talking, somatic techniques and gentle instruction that has really helped me gain more insights around my sexuality as well as gain comfort with my body. This work has been transformative and healing and I highly recommend any woman who is thinking of doing more work around their sexuality to go to Anya.” Julie M. San Francisco, CA “Anya is a empathic, open-minded, and kind-heart-centered healer and counselor. She is a talented and intuitive communicator and an excellent listener. As part of my healing journey (post an emotionally abusive relationship/cycle), I contacted Anya for private coaching sessions.Through her couching, I was able to reconnect to my own desires and gain confidence with intimate relationships and prospective partners. Anya was supportive and encouraging and full of great exercises for home play (not home work). I definitely would recommend Anya’s classes, workshops, and coaching services.” Gabriel D. World Traveler “Anya is a empathic, open-minded, and kind-heart-centered healer and counselor. She is a talented and intuitive communicator and an excellent listener. As part of my healing journey (post an emotionally abusive relationship/cycle), I contacted Anya for private coaching sessions.Through her couching, I was able to reconnect to my own desires and gain confidence with intimate relationships and prospective partners. Anya was supportive and encouraging and full of great exercises for home play (not home work). I definitely would recommend Anya’s classes, workshops, and coaching services.” Julia R. Berkeley, CA “I contacted Anya when my wife and I were having a very difficult time with intimacy.   Anya was helpful from our very first meeting with her.  She has an ability to understand our problems and offer help in a constructive, fun and positive way.  
Her work with us as a couple was blameless and guilt free and helped us get back on a path to a mutually beneficial sexual relationship.
I feel lucky to have benefited from her extensive experience as a sex therapist.  If you are thinking about seeking help do not hesitate to call Anya you will find it a positive experience”. Stephen J. Oakland, CA

I feel very privileged to be able to work with Anya de Montigny. Coming out of an abusive marriage, there were many areas of my sexuality that I felt were damaged and needed care and healing. Anya has an amazing combination of knowledge/education, real-life, person-to-person, in-the-trenches experience and deep compassion. Though our work focuses on sexuality, she is able to hold ALL of my psychological parts and has helped me understand how my life experiences influence my sexuality and my sexual response. She is a great listener as well as a great communicator and knows when to hold space for me and when to bring in her wisdom. The work we do together involves only talking, but she also gives me tons of practical advice and hands-on exercises (“home play”) customized to my needs which have helped open things up for me in a big way. We have brought my boyfriend in for sessions as well, and her insights and ideas have added so much to our sensuality and sexual journey together. Can’t recommend Anya highly enough. She truly loves her work and is on a mission to help. She’s awesome.”

Tara B. Berkeley, CA

“I have attended several of Anya’s workshops, participated in her women’s empowerment circles, and worked with her one-on-one. In all arenas Anya is a positive, authentic, warm and knowledgeable teacher and guide. She is dedicated to helping people find ways to connect deeper in relationship with themselves and others. Anya encourages her clients to become curious about what will add more pleasure to their lives. Workshops with Anya are always fun and insightful. It has been beyond helpful to have Anya as a guide on my own sexual empowerment journey- She is someone I deeply trust and she inspires me to bring erotic playfulness, sensuality and presence into all areas of my life. I highly recommend working with Anya to add more joy and pleasure to your life”.

Seraphina S. San Jose, CA “Anya is a knowledgeable, thorough and dynamic sex educator. I have attended several of her workshops, with Squirtgasms being my favorite! Truly sex positive with extensive knowledge and experience in anatomy and physiology, sexual issues and dysfunctions, and sexual empowerment. Anya is a true healer with a deep understanding of esoteric as well as traditional practices. I look forward to experiencing more growth through her teachings!” Heather W. Burbank, CA “As a Bisexual man in a 9 year Gay relationship, she handled our situation with a perfect amount of encouragement and completely understanding. We went from 2 or 3 times a month having sex to 2 or 3 times weekly. She brought adventure, excitement, and attentiveness to our sex. I recommend Anya for anyone that is looking to understand love, oneself, and adventuring in your sex life.” Rikki S. Oakland, CA “Anya is an incredibly gifted, patient and knowledgeable healer and counselor of human sexuality. The ways in which she connects one to the heart and body is exceptional and liberating. Her kindness, openness and willingness to engage in learning while being an expert in her field is refreshing. As a researcher, Anya is current with what’s trending and how it applies to her practice and as someone who is committed to the growth and well-being of her clients, she is completely in touch, down to earth and genuine. As a genderqueer identified person, the work I’ve done with Anya has been enlightening, inspiring and life changing”. Lea R. Berkeley, CA “I don’t know which good thing to start with! Anya has been an excellent therapist, better than anyone else I’ve seen. Instead of just telling you that you should meditate, she leads a guided meditation. Instead of vaguely suggesting you work on a broad concept, she gives you structured “homeplay” assignments that are specific enough to get started on but open up whole worlds of thought. When she takes notes, she reads selections from them back to you and makes you feel heard, not clinically observed. Sometimes, she’ll mention something in passing, like a particular candle or a novel she likes, and I find myself going out and buying it because I intuitively trust her judgement so much. She’s also great about recommending the work of other professionals who she respects, which just shows how knowledgeable about and committed to this work she is, and makes me feel like I’m in good hands. I could go on and on. :)” P.L. Oakland, CA “Anya is sexual shaman. She is patient, kind, and understanding of individual barriers with sex and intimacy. Anya has guided me towards an autonomous, consenting, and liberating sexuality and I’ll be forever grateful that the Universe put her in my path. She’s gifted with all relationship dynamics, but has a special knack for queer relationships. And nothing is taboo with Anya! I can’t recommend her enough!” Shannon D. Los Angeles, CA “Anya is gifted, extremely knowledgable and understanding. Her insightful observations and suggestions are right on point. She was able to understand the dynamics in my queer relationship. Never felt judged by her, nothing is new or shocking to Anya I highly recommend her services. Thank you Anya for all your help.” Angela C. Berkeley, CA “Anya was instrumental in helping my wife and I overcome a near 10 year impasse in our relationship. Not only did she provide an invaluable toolset for regaining the intimacy that seemed all but lost between us, Anya’s open, caring approach, warm personality, and keen understanding of the underlying issues we faced created an environment that allowed for quick progress to occur. It was clear early on that she took a genuine interest in both our individual well being and in the state of our marriage. In all honesty, I did not expect such an impact from working remotely, but our Skype sessions were a sanctuary that allowed us to safely express ourselves and explore effective paths toward mutual growth. We are very happy to have worked with her, and feel empowered knowing that she is available if we ever find the need to talk with her again. We’ve seen relationship counselors and therapists, both together and individually, prior to Anya. We can say with the utmost confidence that Anya was, by far, our best resource. We both recommend her highly to any couples who have experienced intimacy challenges stemming from mis-matched desires, lack of communication, or other seeming incompatibilities that can create an apparent stalemate in which moving forward appears truly impossible. We are truly grateful for Anya and her help in seeing that, with the right guidance and effort, the walls we built between us were obstacles that could certainly be traversed!” S & J Long Island, NY “My partner and I took Anya’s class. Online tutorials just didn’t cut it. Anya approached the subject with a really impressive academic rigor, while simultaneously making sure the context was accessible. She also encouraged questions, so I really got to geek out on some super interesting biological stuff. She maintains a light-heartedness and warmth through the class, which really helps put shy people like me at ease in a group setting. The live demo was invaluable, and the fact that I actually got to practice on a real person really cemented the information we were given at the beginning of the class. I am looking forward to someday soon having a private session with her and my partner!” Melanie F. Oakland, CA “After searching online and seeing Anya’s seminars, and checking her references with other businesses, we were excited to set up a meeting with Anya. We had tried for a very long time to achieve a new experience in my orgasms. After spending hundreds of dollars on different sex toys to help us, none of them worked to cause the squirt orgasm. We booked our trip to fly to San Francisco and meet with Anya and were excited for our next step. Our goal in setting up a private session with Anya was to have the one on one walk thru and help us see what we were doing wrong or right. She meet us privately and gave us the intimate and knowledgeable information that we needed. Within a week after we left San Francisco, I was able to achieve our goal. Now it seems very easy to achieve. Only through your very detailed instructions have I been able to understand and make this happen. My husband and I are very grateful to you. He has been thrilled about this, as I am. We think its wonderful that Anya is able to help people is such a rewarding way, we are forever grateful.” Jane Texas

“My husband and I attended her Saturday class at the Stockroom in Los Angeles. I’d never heard of Tantra before but had been intrigued by the description of the class and by the time the class was about an hour in, I was pretty inspired. She explained it very well and made us feel comfortable. It definitely left me wanting to learn more about Tantra, learning and becoming more comfortable with my physical and sexual self.

Even emailing her afterwards for additional info, she responded quickly and was very nice.”

Valerie V. Los Angeles, CA “Had a private couples session with Anya to learn about Bondassage. Loved that we were able to try out all sorts of different sensory experiences and learned how to turn all sorts of existing items in our house into awesome sensual toys. Learning what is pleasurable to each other and sharing that with a partner feels ridiculously easy with the help of someone like Anya. Highly recommend booking a private session or attending one of her workshops as soon as you can.” Pam C. Sunnyvale, CA “Anya is a healer. Through counseling and education Anya helped me find my libido. I was experiencing some suffering do to the ending of a relationship. Anya was able to create a loving container that helped me feel safe and supported as we explored what was at the root of my lack of sex drive. She taught me practical ways to create safety for myself when in sexual situations with my partners. She also helped me to become more embodied which has led to more joy in my romantic life. Anya is a knowledgeable counselor with a tremendous amount of wisdom to bestow. I recommend her highly!” Makana G. Oakland, CA