Art of Bondassage Course


I am a Certified Bondassage™ Practitioner and Trainer.  What’s so great about Bondassage? It’s is life changing!

If you are experiencing any dullness in your sex life or you just want to spice things up this is the best modality I have found in my 20 years experience in the field of sexuality and sensuality.  Beyond Tantra, beyond erotic massage, beyond Kink… Bondassage weaves together all of those and then some.  A truly revolutionary style of erotic play that is very easy for a novice to learn and exciting for a seasoned practitioner of erotic arts to implement.

I offer private coaching sessions for couples and group classes. Using the Art of Bondassage course materials along with hands-on instruction, you will obtain skills and techniques to please your lover in new and exciting ways!

This is a quote from a panel of experts I was on about my experience as a Bondassage trainer along with a testimonial from a past client:

“I often see couples in my practice that have lost their passion and desire for one another which manifests as lack of intimacy, connection, and sexual satisfaction.  They come to see me because of their strong desire to remained married and find their sexual chemistry with one another again.
My recommendation is that they purchase a massage table and begin the practice of erotic massage.  This can come in the form of sensual massage with or without the use of kinky play or what I call, BondassageBondassage and erotic massage are wonderful ways for couples to connect.  Often times, couples have not touched each other in loving, intimate and sensual ways for years.  By using a massage table, oils, sensation play items and conscious touch they are able to reawaken their eroticism and find intimacy again.  One particular couple enjoyed the Bondassage exercises I gave them so much that they wrote a 5 star review for me on Yelp! 
“We Had a private couples session with Anya to learn about Bondassage. Loved that we were able to try out all sorts of different sensory experiences and learned how to turn all sorts of existing items in our house into awesome sensual toys. Learning what is pleasurable to each other and sharing that with a partner feels ridiculously easy with the help of someone like Anya. Highly recommend booking a private session or attending one of her workshops as soon as you can”. 
Bondassage is erotic massage with a touch of kink.  It’s great for couples who want to spice it up and find new and interesting ways to explore their sexuality together.
It’s important for couples who want to find their desire again to explore other avenues of sensuality together outside the hum drum of the bedroom.  Therefore, I say, get a massage table, find some amazing erotic massage or Bondassage videos and start having fun!

Contact me for more information on how to set up a private or group class and let your journey of the senses begin! For more information see:



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