If you’re thinking about expanding your practice, or would just like to expand your repertoire and delight those you touch, I would like to invite you to explore Bondassage® and Elysium by Bondassage® training ~ a delightfully sensual, truly unique experience that will have your friends, partners, lovers, and clients clamoring for more.

In this 16 HOUR, 2-DAY TRAINING 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Access your inner Dominant
  • Create safe and comfortable bondage
  • Skillfully delight your partner, lover, or client with innovative sensation play, tantalizing erotic massage techniques, and luxurious body percussion.
  • Perform the copyrighted Bondassage sequence and own a copy of the 43-page manual
  • Receive a Certified Bondassage Practitioner certificate suitable for framing
  • Have a follow-up 60 minute phone consultation with Anya and a 60 minute phone consultation and unlimited email with the creator of Bondassage, Jaeleen Bennis

Deluxe Training Includes the Bondassage Kit! 

Complete Bondassage Kit: 

*Fleece-lined leather blindfold/collar/cuffs
*Wireless headphones, splitter, and speakers
*12-inch leather flogger, two fleece mitts, and two canes
*16-inch triple hide rabbit fur flogger
*Battery operated vibrator and herbal hot pack
*Leather crop and rope
*A variety of sensation toys
*Massage cream/oil

Elysium Training

Introducing Elysium by Bondassage® – a unique new creation designed to bring those you touch to previously unknown heights of bliss. Elysium stretches your partner’s sensual boundaries, transporting them to new realms of pleasure.

Elysium combines a mesmerizing sequence of extraordinary touches, enticing all of the senses. Expertly controlling their state of blissful relaxation, Elysium provides a multi-dimensional experience designed to expand the sensory boundaries of those you touch.

Elysium focuses the senses, alternating soft brush strokes and expert caresses with soft bondage and sensory focusing tools. Elysium brings those you touch the ultimate sensual experience. With Elysium, you can build a completely new business, enhance your current one, or simply delight your friends, partners, lovers, and clients.

Basic Training will give you the skills you need to create the outrageously unique Elysium Experience for your partner. You’ll learn how to create safe and comfortable bondage and skillfully delight your partner with an extensive variety of esoteric massage techniques.

You’ll receive personalized instruction and learn on a variety of experienced demonstration models.


  • 67-page manual
  • Elysium certificate
  • Specially selected music
  • Access to our private resource website
  • Private coaching with the creator of Bondassage, Jaeleen Bennis
  • Global community support within the Bondassage/Elysium family of Practitioners

Deluxe Training includes a complete Elysium kit with all the essentials: 

*Wireless headphones, splitter, and speakers
*Two rabbit fur mitts
*16-inch triple hide rabbit fur flogger
*Tara Ayurvedic herbal hot pack
*Woven silky rope
*Massage oil

Basic Bondassage Training

$3295 or $2295 for Groups of 2-4 ($1000 discount)

Deluxe Bondassage Training 

$4495 or $2795 for Groups of 2-4 ($1000 discount)

Basic Elysium Training

$3295 or $2295 for Groups of 2-4

Deluxe Elysium Training 

$3795 or $2795 for Groups of 2-4

BOTH Elysium & Bondassage Training

$4295 or $3295 for Groups of 2-4

($1700 extra for the Complete Kit)

*Monthly Payment plans are available*

Trainings take place in the San Francisco Bay Area

Anya is also available to Travel to your location. A travel fee may be included. 

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