Bondassage takes the receiver on a journey of sensation surprises. You may be a seasoned traveler in the BDSM realm but want something different, or you may be brand new and want to be introduced gently to percussion play, sensation exploration, and bondage. Either way, Bondassage can be custom crafted to best suits your needs. We’ll take you toward your known (and sometimes unknown) desires in an environment that is kind, safe, and full of surprises”.-

Celebrate your Lover by learning how to give them a Kinky Erotic Massage!

Bondassage is ideal for couples wanting to add variation to their intimate play, find ways to connect deeply, spice it up & have sexy, erotic fun together.

  • In this One day, luxury immersion you will learn:
  • Silky skin to skin contact: Basic Swedish massage strokes from featherlight to firm pressure.
  • Body to body flow using warm oils.
  • How to heighten Sensation: Using silks, furs, various textures, hot and cold temperatures, sound and sensory deprivation.
  • How to effectively communicate what kind of touch you need and desire from your lover.
  • Amazing genital massage techniques to incorporate into an erotic massage.
  • How to play with light Domination & submission for an added element of Eroticism.
  • Take away the skills and techniques to perform a 90mn to 2 hour Kinky Erotic Massage.

With presentations, live demonstrations and hands-on practice!

The Retreat includes catered lunch, beverages, and snacks. Great as a Private Retreat for one couple or as a group retreat for a few friends.  

My partner and I hired Anya to teach a bondage massage and sensual massage course for ourselves and some friends and it was wonderful!  Not only was Anya and her space completely professional and beautiful, Anya is also very knowledgeable and sweet!  This session was totally PG rated, very informative, and everyone, even those who were initially nervous, was really comfortable and gained so much from this training.  Anya created a safe and open container that was perfect for dropping in, learning, and connecting with ourselves, and deepening our connection with pleasure.
Thank you so much, Anya!  You are a true gift!” – Shawnrey N.

Had a private couples session with Anya to learn about Bondassage. Loved that we were able to try out all sorts of different sensory experiences and learned how to turn all sorts of existing items in our house into awesome sensual toys. Learning what is pleasurable to each other and sharing that with a partner feels ridiculously easy with the help of someone like Anya. Highly recommend booking a private session or attending one of her workshops as soon as you can”. – Pam 





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