Somatic Sex Education is somatic, erotic education that assists individuals, couples and groups to deepen their experience of embodiment.

Sometimes the greatest change comes through direct work with the body.  Somatic Sex Education is held in a trauma-informed, shame-free and nonjudgmental container.   

How does this work?

We begin with 1-3 talk-only coaching sessions to develop trust and safety, discover what you want to work on and what your goals are. Once we have determined your specific needs and how to move forward we move into working on a massage table.  I use a massage table both to teach couples how to work on each other and for ease of mobility during sessions.  However, if you have a physical limitation which prevents you from getting onto a table, floor work is available. 


Learn how to give a sensual massage and increase erotic connection with your partner.

  • Negotiating boundaries.
  • How to set the space for a sensual massage
  • Basic Massage Techniques.
  • How to incorporate genital massage.
  • Communication skills.

Bondassage: Kinky Erotic Massage for Lovers

Learn how to play with sensation toys to enhance erotic connection with your partner.  

  • Negotiating boundaries
  • Using sensation toys for increased pleasure
  • Using blindfolds
  • Light power play
  • Communication skills

Learn how to increase erotic intimacy with your partner through Tantra Bodywork.

  • Negotiating boundaries
  • Intimacy building exercises
  • Conscious touch exercises
  • Running conscious sensual energy

Please note: As a California certified  Somatic Sex Educator my sessions are uni-directional and for the benefit of your education only.


“Had a private couples session with Anya to learn about Bondassage. Loved that we were able to try out all sorts of different sensory experiences and learned how to turn all sorts of existing items in our house into awesome sensual toys. Learning what is pleasurable to each other and sharing that with a partner feels ridiculously easy with the help of someone like Anya. Highly recommend booking a private session or attending one of her workshops as soon as you can.” – Yelp Review


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