Welcome and I hope that you take some time to look around this page and learn a little about the Bodywork Coaching that I offer.  Still have questions? Feel free to book a 15mn consultation call.


With a background of 23 years as a Bodyworker, I bring to my practice a thorough knowledge of the human body.  I have studied sexuality both from a hands-on and clinical stand-point and offer bodywork coaching to those who would like to step into the healing wisdom of their body to create lasting change.

Great for those that wish to:

  • Heal body shame
  • Get in touch with sensation
  • Work on boundaries and consent
  • Ask for what you want, and what you don’t want
  • Get coaching on how to touch your lover
  • How to give a sensual masagee
  • How to incorporate conscious kink and/or tantra into your repertoire

With credentials in:

  • Therapeutic Massage (500 hours from The World School of Massage)
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Bondassage
  • Sexological Bodywork

How does this work?

We begin with 1-3 coaching sessions to discover what you want to work on and what your goals are.

Because I hold a safe, shame-free container it is imperative that we are a good match to work together.  There are many areas of bodywork that are best for sensual massage therapists, escorts and sex surrogates.  That is not the kind of bodywork I offer and if it seems best to refer you to one of those highly trained professionals I will.

My offerings are in the realm of education and coaching.  The sessions are meant to advance your knowledge of your body and provide you will a safe space to explore your self and your partner.  While I instruct and coach bodywork, I maintain my own boundaries within the session.  I may offer suggestions but I do not do hands-on work outside of the legal and ethical scope of practice.

What does that look like?

Think of a mini-class.

For a couple this could include:

  • How to set the container for a sensual, relaxing massage: lighting, aromas, oils, sensation play items etc.
  • How to give a sensual massage: guided, verbal instruction with custom-crafted “cheat sheets” and curriculum to follow
  • Using the best body mechanics to not get tired or stressed
  • How to negotiate boundaries and ask for what you want
  • Advanced techniques

“Had a private couples session with Anya to learn about Bondassage. Loved that we were able to try out all sorts of different sensory experiences and learned how to turn all sorts of existing items in our house into awesome sensual toys. Learning what is pleasurable to each other and sharing that with a partner feels ridiculously easy with the help of someone like Anya. Highly recommend booking a private session or attending one of her workshops as soon as you can.” – Yelp Review

For an individual this can include:

  • Mirror exercises to reduce body shame
  • Boundaries and consent exercises
  • Getting to know your body through guided self-examination
  • Therapeutic bodywork (great for those that have touch anxiety or body shame)
  • Learning about sensual massage, kink and tantra with custom curriculum

“Anya helped me get in touch with my body and dissolve blocks that I’ve been holding for years.  Through gentle guidance, breath work, and exercises to help me learn my own boundaries I made more progress than I have in 5 years of therapy,  I highly recommend bodywork coaching with Anya if you want to make some real progress in your life.” Alice C., SF

For groups this can include:

  • Sensual Massage 101
  • Kinky Sensual Massage (Bondassage)
  • Conscious Communication for Great Sex
  • SquirtGasms!
  • Male Prostate Massage

My partner and I hired Anya to teach a bondage massage and sensual massage course for ourselves and some friends and it was wonderful!  Not only was Anya and her space completely professional and beautiful, Anya is also very knowledgeable and sweet!  This session was totally PG rated, very informative, and everyone, even those who were initially nervous, was really comfortable and gained so much from this training.  Anya create a safe and open container that was perfect for dropping in, learning, and connecting with ourselves, and deepening our connection with pleasure. Thank you so much, Anya!  You are a true gift!” – Yelp Review