imagesYes, it’s that season again.  I am offering my Squirt! Female Ejaculation & G-Spot Massage class!

Squirt! Female Ejaculation & G-Spot Massage for Couples!

Are you excited to learn about Female Ejaculation?

Do you need some tips and techniques to get started?

Does the prospect of having a more expanded orgasm through G-Spot Stimulation sound awesome? 

Learn how stimulating the G-spot increases orgasmic pleasure, releases deep seated emotions and helps to maintain health of the pelvic floor muscles. Discover the power of Female Ejaculation! 

With Presentation, LIVE DEMO & Hands-On Lab!

In the workshop we will:

  • Discuss the myths and truths of the female ejaculate liquid and answer the question, “is it pee”?
  • Discover the healing potential of G-Spot Massage
  • Learn important anatomy of the vagina including G-spot, Skene’s glands and the PC muscles.
  • Learn how solo and partnered practice can be woven into your sex life.
  • Discuss important toys and techniques to ejaculate. 
  • Enjoy a Hands-On Lab with your partner to practice right away!

With wine, tea & snacks this is an intimate gathering for those looking for explore Hands-On Sex Education where the focus is on getting specific tools and techniques to get started right away.

When: Friday, April 25th, 2014

Where: Jack London Square, Oakland

Cost: $75/Couple




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Anya de Montigny, DHS is a sexuality expert with over 20 years experience working with individuals, couples, and groups. Dr. Anya has a Doctor of Human Sexuality (DHS) degree, is a certified sex educator and certified sex coach and was the host of the popular radio show The O Word Sex Talk Radio. Dr. Anya has a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area working with individuals and couples and invites straight and LGBTQ people into her practice. She also teaches adult sex education classes as well as consent & boundaries workshops at Universities and Colleges.

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