April 25th 6:30 – 9:30 Private Class ~ Squirt! Female Ejaculation & G-Spot Massage ~ Limited to 5 Couples in Jack London Square, Oakland

imagesYes, it’s that season again.  I am offering my Squirt! Female Ejaculation & G-Spot Massage class!

Squirt! Female Ejaculation & G-Spot Massage for Couples!

Are you excited to learn about Female Ejaculation?

Do you need some tips and techniques to get started?

Does the prospect of having a more expanded orgasm through G-Spot Stimulation sound awesome? 

Learn how stimulating the G-spot increases orgasmic pleasure, releases deep seated emotions and helps to maintain health of the pelvic floor muscles. Discover the power of Female Ejaculation! 

With Presentation, LIVE DEMO & Hands-On Lab!

In the workshop we will:

  • Discuss the myths and truths of the female ejaculate liquid and answer the question, “is it pee”?
  • Discover the healing potential of G-Spot Massage
  • Learn important anatomy of the vagina including G-spot, Skene’s glands and the PC muscles.
  • Learn how solo and partnered practice can be woven into your sex life.
  • Discuss important toys and techniques to ejaculate. 
  • Enjoy a Hands-On Lab with your partner to practice right away!

With wine, tea & snacks this is an intimate gathering for those looking for explore Hands-On Sex Education where the focus is on getting specific tools and techniques to get started right away.

When: Friday, April 25th, 2014

Where: Jack London Square, Oakland

Cost: $75/Couple

RSVP: teachmeaboutsex@gmail.com