Are You Curious About the Mystery of Female Ejaculation?

There is a lot trending in the world of sex education and female ejaculation has become a hot topic! There is a lot of misinformation online when it comes to female sexual anatomy and how women’s bodies function sexually.  Because we are often taught about the sexual response system from the viewpoint of male sexual anatomy, people are confused as to how female ejaculation works.  As a sex educator and sex counselor, I have taught my SquirtGasms! classes worldwide and have collected anecdotal and scientific evidence that I want to share with you. It is always best to take a SquirtGasms! class so that you get a chance to see the LIVE DEMO and walk out of the class with effective techniques.

“My partner and I took Anya’s Squirtgasms class. Online tutorials just didn’t cut it. Anya approached the subject with a really impressive academic rigor, while simultaneously making sure the content was accessible. She also encourages questions, so I really got to geek out on some super interesting biological stuff. She maintains a light-heartedness and warmth throughout the class, which really helps put shy people like me at ease in a group setting. I am looking forward to someday soon having a private session with her and my partner”!



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