The O Word Sex Talk Radio

the o word radio

The ((O)) Word Sex Talk Radio was an Internet Radio Show that aired in the South of Market District of San Francisco from 2013 – 2015.  DJ & Host Anya de Montigny interviewed almost 100 sexuality experts from all professional capacities including sex educators, sex workers, dancers, performance artists, psychotherapists, sex surrogates, tantra educators and more. With 30 podcasts at 2 hours each, covering a vast range of topics there is something here for everyone! Originally aired as a women’s sex talk radio eventually it expanded to include all genders and sexualities. Every show has a theme and a ton of great music. Sit back, relax and enjoy. (Oh, and sometimes there are funny delays or tech difficulties and a lot of real life snafus here and there. What fun it is to be on internet radio!)

Please check back here as more podcasts get added from the archives.

The Podcasts

Dance Your Way to A Healthy Body Image, Balanced Libido & Empowered Sexuality.  Anya interviews San Francisco Bay Area zumba teachers Andreina Febres, Nannette Vides, and samba teacher Raffaella about the ways that latin dance can inspire a woman to get into her body and thrive! With lots of great music! (click on links to find out more about these awesome teachers and how you can take their classes, highly recommended!)

Shameless & Sexy Self-Promotion. This podcast features Veronica Van Gogh, a San Francisco Bay Area app designer, marketing guru and web designer. Together Anya & Veronica discuss how important it is to feel empowered around self-promotion as entrepreneurs helping to change the world! (as this was 2013 and it’s now 2016 it could potentially be a little outdated already! please check with Veronica for current tips!) With lots of great music…. sit back and relax…

The Modern Dakini – Tantra Female Wisdom for the Modern World.  Anya D talks to Tantra Educators Scarlet Amour and Ixchel Sandoval discussing the concept of The Modern Dakini, Empowered Female Sexuality, and Tantra in the Modern World. Are you a Modern Dakini? With great music… sit back and relax…

Sex Surrogate Dr. Cheryl Cohen-Greene speaks candidly about her life, her sexual activism, the movie The Sessions about her work as a sex surrogate (starring Helen Hunt as Dr. Cheryl), and her relationship with her husband who was once a client. Not to be missed!

Financial Sexy! Anya interviews women’s sexual empowerment coach Amy Jo Goddard and financial advisor and coach Elizabeth Husserl about all things money! Is it true that the most empowering thing a woman can do is be financially independent? What does our relationship with money say about us? Listen in. With great music… sit back, relax and enjoy…

San Francisco Bay Area Queer Performers Dazie Grego-Sykes and Roke Noir talk about the passion they have for their work and what it takes to get up on stage and put on an amazing performance! In this episode of The O Word Anya strives to highlight some of the innovators of performance in the queer community of the uniquely artistic and creative SF Bay Area. With great music… sit back, relax and enjoy!