The LOTUS Method ~ 5 Steps to An Awakened Female Sexuality Worksheet



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LOTUS Stands for:

L – Love Yourself Fully

O – Open To Orgasmic Bliss

T – Trust Your Authentic Expression

U – Union with Self, Beloved & Divine

S – Surrender to Satisfaction

The LOTUS Method designed by Dr. Anya is a journey of awakening for women.  We take our time exploring each of these themes and how they play out in your life.  Are there areas that you can grow in each of these steps? How are you thriving already? And, where can you integrate these steps so that you feel sexually free?

Women who do this work report feeling a sense of freedom and empowerment, tap into places in their being that they didn’t know existed, and finally feel sexually whole.

As a free gift to you, here is an exploratory worksheet meant to engage your mind, spirit, heart and body in a process of self-discovery.  The worksheet will be a guide on your journey towards becoming fully sexually empowered as a feminine person.  You may print out the sheets or complete it on Google Forms.  If you complete on Google Forms I will follow up with an email to see if you would like to process this work together or sign up for my complete course.  If you choose to print it out you will need extra paper or a journal for adequate room to answer the questions.

To sign up for The LOTUS Method complete course including coaching, bodywork, women’s circles and more please fill out the contact form.  Blessings on your journey!

To print as PDF: The LOTUS Method Worksheet

Google Forms: The LOTUS Method Worksheet